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Networking is essential for any career. However, for PR, networking can be everything. It could be your future “in” at a job, it could get your resume to the top of the stack or even just give you the opportunity to get in contact with a friend of a friend. The Washington Post had a fantastic article that gave simple steps on how to network for people who hate to network. Here are the people you should be staying in contact with, even if you don’t plan on seeing them very often.


  1. Your supervisor at your internship
    • Your supervisor has been in the game a lot longer than you have. That means their connections are better-developed, stronger and more diverse than your rolodex. Keeping in contact with them could lead to bigger and better career opportunities! And remember, if you want a letter of recommendation, ask before it’s too late!
  2. Your informational interviewer
    • Now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door and make your name stand out from other applicants. After an informational interview, send a hand-written thank you. These types of small gestures can make a huge difference and helps put a face to a name.
  3. Your professors
    • Having a mentor who knows the ropes is invaluable in the real world. Your professors have heaps of experience that they’re more than willing to share. Don’t let their knowledge go to waste! Even if you’re just shooting a quick email every so often, they’ll remember your name when an opportunity arises.

As my internship comes to an end, I’m grateful for all of the networking opportunities I’ve had in the last few months. Don’t be afraid of looking for networking events, such as those listed on the Portland Business Alliance webpage. Maybe you’ll meet the someone who could change your whole career path.

Anissa Hare


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  1. Sophie Ey says:

    I love your post! I have certainly found when looking for jobs that who you know is everything. Reaching out to people I have networked with has led to far more leads than any traditional job application. I have definitely relied on professors for help after leaving Eugene. They can be an awesome resource.

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