My internship is almost over… now what?


This is a question I have been asking myself for the last week, as my internship at a weekly newspaper comes to a close in a few short weeks. There is little chance of being offered a paid position here, as they have a pretty small staff and don’t retain many staff writers. It’s now becoming crucial for me (and many of my fellow PDXSX-ers) to figure out what the heck we’re going to do after the program ends. Here’s some of my strategies:

Make sure your resume is up to date before you start applications

This is one of the easiest ways to help demystify the process of applying for upcoming positions. I recently was in the midst of an application when I realized that I hadn’t added my current position to my resume. Having to stop and do this distracted me from the application and is one of the main reasons I still haven’t finished it.

Make time to apply for future jobs/internships

This can be challenging. You’re busy with your current internship, and if you’re working another job like me, up to 60 hours a week can be devoted to your current positions. It’s important to block out a few hours whenever you can to work on applications for upcoming positions. They can be surprisingly time consuming, especially since you have to write a cover letter for each one, and maybe even answer short essay questions.

Ask your superiors for letters of recommendations before your last day

If you want or need a letter of rec from your current supervisor, it’s a good idea to run this by them ASAP, so they will have plenty of time to work on it. This way you’ll likely get it from them before you leave the company, so it’ll be a much easier process than trading emails.

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4 Responses to My internship is almost over… now what?

  1. jdulzo says:

    I’ve been going through many of the same steps! It’s definitely stressful to add on to an already hectic week, but it’s also exciting to have such a good view of all the possibilities.

  2. maliaito says:

    I can’t believe the program is almost over! I’ve definitely been feeling the stress about figuring out what I’m doing after this. Luckily, we have networked at our internships, which may lead us to other connections in the area!

  3. I’ve been looking at applications all week and slowly coming to the realization that this is all coming to an end way before I feel truly ready. Thank goodness for the PDXSX and all of the networking opportunities it has provided us with.

  4. Delbar Ehfad says:

    Great tips! My professional mentor explained the importance of informational interviews in the job search process, something I’ve never done before. Sometimes applying isn’t enough. Face to face contact and networking can really do wonders!

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