Key Takeaways from the 2017 Communicators Conference

Today I had the pleasure of attending Portland’s Communicators Conference. When I first heard about the conference I was disappointed that it fell on a work day. I kept finding myself coming back to the conference website and pining to attend, so I came up with a solution that would keep both my employer and myself happy. I proposed to my supervisors that I attend the event during work hours but cover the conference on my firm’s social media channels. I was thrilled to reach this happy medium and the conference was incredible! Here are my key takeaways from today’s awesome event.


1. Live Tweeting is a Balancing Act

I attempted to live the tweet event from both my personal and work accounts while also keeping my work Instagram up to date and, let me tell you, it was a challenge. I recommend covering an event on either your personal or professional account, not both.

2. Being a Communicator is All About Networking

Upon entering the conference I recognized several people from past events and said hello. Those previous connections then connected me with a ha
ndful of other amazing professionals, which led to some great conversations and awesome opportunities. As they say, it’s not what you know but who you know.

3. Passion is Essential

I sat through almost seven straight hours of lecture-based presentations and loved every second of it! I felt constant excitement over the new information I was learning, and that is key. Without passion for your work, you will never be able to reach your potential. As Wise Step says, passion for your work increases your energy and desire to pursue excellence.

Overall, the conference was incredible and I am so glad I brought this option to my employer so that I was able to experience it.


Sophie Ey


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  1. I loved the part about communicating and networking. I tend to get nervous and don’t feel like I enjoy or am good at chatting up people that I don’t know. As a PR professional, it’s definitely something I’m going to need to get over.

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