What It’s Like To Do Social Media for Work (Not Play)

I recently started as a Jr. Marketing Coordinator at a data and optimization firm in Portland. My main responsibility is to run all of our internal social media channels, with the goal of generating new client leads and increasing brand loyalty. My first thought, “how cool is that? Social media for work!” I thought I would immediately hit success doing social media for work since I run my own accounts every day without thinking twice. Let me tell you, I was wrong. Managing social media for a company is so much different than running it for yourself, and I had a lot to learn.

In my few weeks as a social strategist, I have learned encyclopedia’s full of information about social media, which I never knew was possible. While I have learned HUNDREDS of things about this field so far, here are my top two takeaways from doing social media professionally.

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1. Join the Conversation.

Social media is not faceless. It is a massive, global and interactive network of people and brands. Posting regularly simply isn’t enough. You have to directly engage with your users and key influencers, make them remember you. If you’re having trouble getting the interaction flowing follow Articulate Marketing’s advice, “use content as your conversation starter.”

2. Being “Liked” is Hard Work.
This is the big leagues. I was used to posting a video of a corgi swimming on my personal account and automatically getting ten likes. In the professional world, it is no where near that easy. You have to work hard for those likes and loyal friends because, when it comes down to it, people just see you as a logo and it’s your job to to help them put a face to that.

While I have developed immensely as a social media strategist in the past few weeks, I still have so much to learn. I can’t wait to continue to grow as a professional and, when in doubt, Forbes and Entrepreneur are your friends!

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  1. Humanizing a corporate account can be so difficult. I think what you said about having loyal followers or friends who are interested in interacting with your content is great and very important, especially on Twitter!

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