Stay up-to-date with news, industry trends, and events

Happy happy Spring, everyone.

How do you keep up with current events?

Where do you get your news?

These two questions and other versions tend to come up during interviews and can make you think twice about an answer. Replying with ‘Twitter’ sounds the most obvious, but potential employers may raise some eyebrows.

Getting asked helped me understand the value behind curiosity and staying up-to-date with current events while translating that into insight.

Your dream company or future employer wants to know if you keep tabs on different industries, new products, daily news, and or events. Thanks to technology (and Twitter, of course), we can access different publications whenever and wherever.

One of my first internship responsibilities entailed flagging posts relevant to finance technology on a morning basis. Though, not all employers will make interns or employees “read” or “follow” news. You just do it, especially for communicators, and more importantly, for the company’s interests.

Some tips, tricks, and tools to get you started below:

I recommend starting a routine, whether at the beginning of your shift or for ten minutes every two hours, any time that works for you. I prefer mornings while having breakfast or an apricot La Croix.

Choose a platform. I downloaded CNN on my iPhone and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, but my absolute favorite is FastCompany or Refinery29 to fuel quirky culinary habits.

News articles publish at the speed of light, but try using tools that can ease search like filtering. I like to use google alerts which allows you type key words in the search option and link and email, then it will compile and send related articles to your inbox. Talkwalker alerts is another option and it’s free too.

Identify topics that fall under the company’s industry, products, and or services. For example, finance, technology, online banks, mobile-banking would fit with my company’s brand. Also consider adding competitors and look into what other people are saying about them. This can help with having a broader understanding of industry leaders.

This way of searching for news extends beyond work and into everyday life. I have google alerts for ‘new iPhone,’ ‘Amazon fresh,’ ‘Mexican recipes,’ and ‘Ashton Eaton.’

News always coming in hot!

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  1. jdulzo says:

    It’s interesting how news has become such a diverse industry, especially when it comes to how we access it! I’m amazed thinking about how difficult this kind of work would have been even 15 years ago. This kind of routine would take forever if you had to resort to physical newspapers.

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