Settling in to an office environment

I am not joking even a little bit when I say the hardest aspect thus far of my internship has been learning how to sit at a desk for a majority of the day. I am generally an active person, and always worked in active environments prior to starting my current internship. It’s a widely-known fact nowadays that sitting is one of the worst things for you, especially when it’s for multiple hours at a time. Trying to sit and produce work indoors for five to seven hours a day has been a difficult adjustment for me, and I found it useful to read over some of these tips to help my restlessness in the office:


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Get up and walk:

I’ve found it helpful to take breaks and get up to walk around every hour or two, depending on my work load. Not only does this take my eyes away from my computer for a short amount of time, but it allows my body to reset to get ready for the work in front of me. Sometimes this break may be walking to the office canteen for some water, others it may be walking to a nearby lunch spot.

Take the stairs:

Although in my building the stairs are a little trickier to navigate, I welcome the opportunity to walk up or down them when I have to go in between floors during my work day. This gives me a less stagnant break and gets me moving.

Get a workout in before or after work:

This one is crucial to my well-being. I’ve found that if I get up and get active before going to work I feel much less restless at my desk. I also find my mind is clearer and I’m able to focus on my work much more efficiently.

Snack well:

I’m not going to lie, snacking throughout the day helps me stay focused probably more than anything else. However, I’ve also found it’s important to snack on the right things to feel good, including nuts, fruit, veggies, etc.


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4 Responses to Settling in to an office environment

  1. You are so right with these tips. I find that snacking is essential to staying busy at your work. If I am hungry, I lose focus and my production goes way down. Staying productive is key whether your and intern or the CEO. Great post Jasmine!

  2. Jasmine, I couldn’t agree more! Sitting still all day has been one of the biggest challenges for me as well. I think you’ve provided some really helpful tips here. I’ve also been forcing myself to get to the gym after work but it makes the day so long! Maybe reading this will motivate me to get up and go work out before work sometime.

  3. Great tips! I’ve been finding myself having to do the same as well. In college, we had more chances to accommodate our schedules with health. However, it’s hard to find the time now with a typical morning-to-evening work shift! Thanks for the tips; I’ll have to incorporate more of these!

  4. Great post Jasimine! I can’t agree with you anymore about staying active as much as possible. Sitting down for a long period time is incredibly strenuous on your body. Nice post!

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