Finding the Place Where You Fit Best

There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding company culture, and how a person is supposed to find a work environment that fits best for them in order to be happy. Supposedly, it is crucial to one’s happiness at work to be somewhere where they fit in with the company or organization’s culture. However, there are differences in opinion as to what culture can mean in regards to a company.


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Does culture describe the office vibe? The cool perks the company offers for working there? The in-house gym and Whole Foods-esque food court? All of these things indeed seem swoon-worthy when considering which companies to work for. But why? What is it about these things that make the work a person is doing more meaningful or exciting? Should a company provide perks such as these just so employees want to stay in the office longer?

Ryan Wines, the co-founder and CEO of Marmoset, a Portland-based music agency, says in a recent TEDx Talk that company culture should actually be dependent on the people who reside within the company. That the reason a culture can be beneficial to employees is because the people who make up a company can make them feel more excited and passionate about the work they are doing. Instead of providing tangible perks that make an office life seem more desirable, a culture based around people makes employees more inclined to come to the office to work alongside people they feel connected to.

And, from even a couple months of experience in an office, I can 100 percent confirm what Ryan is talking about. My office is no doubt very cool, and one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever stepped foot in. However, what makes going to work everyday fun is the people who work there. Not only are the people at my internship location coworkers, but friends who are involved in each others lives, and genuinely interested in what others in the company are doing. This is what makes coming to work enjoyable–the fact that I know the people there will make my day interesting and the work I am doing worthwhile.

So, when considering what company or organization might be best for you, make sure to question whether the people there are the people you want to spend a majority of your time with. Some general aspects of a company can determine if its culture may be a good fit for you or not. But in the end, it’s where you feel in your gut is the team you want to be a part of.

Jasmine Arant 

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2 Responses to Finding the Place Where You Fit Best

  1. Megan Moran says:

    Jasmine, I relate to this post on so many levels. After watching the TEDx Talk, I want to make it my goal to find a job where the culture is inviting, exciting, and passionate. It’s usually not the perks that make you stick around, it’s the people. This post was a great reminder for me to look into jobs where the culture is admirable and not to just take a job because it seems to be “cool.” Great job!

  2. This is an incredibly important concept that I feel a lot of people neglect when searching for a job! Work culture affects one’s productivity and enjoyment of their time. When you are working typical hours, you spend the majority of your time with your co-workers. You want to make it count! Thanks for sharing.

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