Say it with a smile

One of comedian Kevin Hart’s funniest lines is advice his uncle, a real tough guy, gave him on his

Say it with your chest!

But the final bit of advice I want to give is an observation I’ve noticed in my editor in my time as an intern. That is, saying something with a smile and enthusiasm.

It’s a little gushy and mushy, but I swear every time he opens his mouth to say something – anything – it’s with utmost joy. I enjoy hearing his voice, which is totally bizarre because he’s my boss. I’m supposed to cringe, am I not?

That said, at our weekly meetings and in the newsroom, he sprays positive vibes like an apache helicopter driven by a pissed off teenager in GTA III. It’s relentless. But with it, he brings pride to the work we collectively do daily. He takes time to thank and appreciate others for their efforts, especially in an industry where gratitude is few and far between.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if your going to do something, commit your life to a profession, try doing that with a smile. Try enjoying it wholeheartedly. It makes for a better environment, which I hear can be financially beneficial. And it makes a damn good lesson to others around you, or at least an excuse to binge watch Kevin Hart, which is a worthy effect in itself.

-Andrew Bantly

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7 Responses to Say it with a smile

  1. delaneyryan10 says:

    Andrew, I love your outlook on picking a profession. There’s a reason we are all in the industry we are and if we each took a little bit more time to realize our goals and the amazing things that we can achieve in the workplace I think we would all be better off. Great post!

  2. I agree, it is so much easier to be around people who seem to genuinely enjoy what ever it is they are doing. Good advice. Definitely worth keeping in mind that if you put your best foot forward and do it will a smile you will produce your best work and people will want you around.

  3. hmaarchive says:

    Best part: “…he sprays positive vibes like an apache helicopter driven by a pissed off teenager in GTA III.” Nicely done. There are always those ‘lull’ moments in jobs where it feels like we’ve hit the end of the rope and it’s time to move on. I think these are the times to keep smiling and stay patient for the next opportunity.

  4. Sam Cody says:

    That sounds like a good boss if you ask me. It will always makes your work day better if the higher-ups are sending out positive vibes throughout the office. I only hope that throughout our careers we encounter people who smile and make work better.

  5. Love this advice! I was actually just talking to my boss yesterday about how having a positive outlook on the work you are doing can make a huge difference in the group dynamic you are working with. They say that you can trick yourself into being happy just by wearing a smile so even if you are having an off day, a smile can turn it around and make the people around you feel better. Added bonus: they tend to be contagious.

  6. horsttyler says:

    Sounds like you have a lot of positive vibes in your workplace. If your boss is able to stay so positive, while staying focused on on a regular basis, he must be doing something really great. I’m curious how he is able to stay so relaxed in nature and still motivate his employees to get work done.

  7. alliejhardy says:

    It’s amazing how much of a difference having a positive, warm supervisor can make on your perception of your job. When supervisors are harsh or no-nonsense, it can feel like every misstep is the end of your career. I’m glad to hear that you have such a great working environment and relationship with your boss!

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