Goodbye College

In a few short weeks I, along with many other people in the world will be graduating from college. This isn’t the first transition many of us have faced. Four years ago we navigated a new town, a new school and the process of making all new friends. For many of us college has been a stepping stone from childhood to adulthood. As we reach the next transition in our lives there is a few things I think we could all keep in mind:

1. Networking within your friend group

Many of us have touched on the importance of networking. When many people think of networking they think of coworkers, past clients or past professors. We forget to utilize the contacts that we are closest with, our friends. Many of us don’t realize the contacts that we already posses. By talking with friends about their employers, their family’s employers or even where their neighbor works you might find out that one of the people you see the most could be your key to your next job.

2. Body language matters

A few years ago I came across a series of Ted Talks. One that has stayed with me over the years was one done by social psychologist Amy Cuddy on the importance of body language. By doing what Amy calls “power poses” either in your car or in the bathroom before an interview, you have an Amy_Cuddy_Body_Psychologyopportunity to actually alter your body chemistry and significantly impact performance and how one feels about themselves. In the coming months many of us will find ourselves in the interview seat again, I have practiced this theory before interviews, pitches and presentations and I have always felt that it has helped immensely.

3. Yes, summer vacation is a thing of the past but summer itself isn’t!

Just because we do not have a dedicated three months of freedom anymore does not mean that we can’t still go out and enjoy the sunshine. Plan out a summer bucket list of local things to do in your area. If you are new to your city like I am this is a good excuse to explore the area around you and discover your next favorite secret reading spot or a new favorite restaurant while ensuring that your summer is not all work and no play.

-Shannon Nelson

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6 Responses to Goodbye College

  1. That is a great point about considering your friends as networking opportunities. I definitely know of people who have moved further on their career because of the people they have been friends with for years. And I will definitely have to check out that Ted Talk. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sam Cody says:

    I loved that you mentioned that specific Ted Talk because it is one of my favorites. I have actually done a few power poses before presenting projects or interviews and It definitely helps build confidence. Great last point too. I’ll keep that in mind as summer gets closer and I start to work more.

  3. andrewbantly says:

    Shannon, I often feel like we constantly look ahead, to people we haven’t yet met, as the contacts we need to thrive. But you mention that we, especially with social media, have hundreds (if not greater) of established contacts easily accessible. And now, because of PDXSX, we have even more!

  4. pdxsx says:

    Good work, Shannon. Make lots of connections and look back fondly at your time in college and the PDXSX program.

  5. clairecolby says:

    A lot of great points in this, Shannon! I especially like your insight about summer. It will be weird not getting a three month break to vegetate, but your bucket list idea sounds like a great way to make sure that we don’t all forget to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

  6. delaneyryan10 says:

    I love how you talk about utilizing the connections you have within your friend group. So many people don’t really the resources they have and it is a simple phone call away. Nice job!


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