Finding Your Perfect Match

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..Your perfect company culture match, that is. Gone are the days of worshipping the “workaholic” who spends 90% of his time in the office and missed your whole childhood because of business trips (just me?).

Searching for jobs has become easier for people just entering the workplace because of tools such as LinkedIn Jobs and other search engines, but it seems that all the new varieties in workplace environment and culture have made the job hunt more complicated.

In the past, “cultural differences” included generation, income, education, and ethnicity differences between workers. While those gaps still exist today, a cultural difference can now arise from wanting to work at an agency that is dog-friendlier or has a ping pong table and a keg. This is modern workplace culture and it is especially prevalent in the creative industry.


My agency is one of those hipster-ridden places with a shuffle board, keg, and dogs. We dress “Portland casual” (more casual than business casual) and have a conference room called Star Wars.

This is the fifth workplace environment I have been in and I can definitely say it is the one I have felt most comfortable in. I don’t just love the culture at the agency because of the perks (well maybe the keg), but because those perks attract a type of person that is eager to work somewhere they enjoy being. I think having an awesome company culture makes for happy worker bees who look forward to coming to work even when things are high-stress.

So, if you’re trying to figure out why cool, friendly people who also work hard do not want to work for you then here’s some ideas: ditch the formal dress code, buy a kegerator, and start a company softball team. Happy workers make work a happy place.

Allie Hardy

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8 Responses to Finding Your Perfect Match

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your experience Allie. I agree, working in an atmosphere where employees actually want to be there is going to allow them to produce much better work. The cubical lifestyle definitely isn’t for everyone. It seems there are many Portland agencies that are doing a great job attracting the younger generations and allowing them to produce their best work and want to show up.

  2. Ryan Delaney says:

    It’s great to hear that your internship is a good cultural fit during your search for the “right place.” Many people of the people I talk to who are not in a creative industry are often shocked when I tell them about the things that agencies and companies do in order to bring in talent. I completely agree with what you had to say. In a few years I’m going to want a dog friendly office so I can make sure my pets are okay. Like you said, a keg is a good quality as well. Overall, I think its important to focus on creating an environment that is friendly to work in like you have described here. Nice job!


  3. hmaarchive says:

    My eyes saw Keg first, so I obviously continued reading. I couldn’t agree with you more on finding a culture that is the perfect fit. While the creative industry is seemingly filled with fresh, modern and resourceful offices (resources meaning free food+booze), they aren’t always filled with the right group of people. Keeping in mind that food, booze, games, and other perks- while those things make the time at work more enjoyable- those aren’t the things we have to work with on various projects… well maybe the booze helps us out a little. All in all I think finding a blend of a supportive team and a work environment that fits you is key!

  4. horsttyler says:

    You’re not mistaken when you say that all the new varieties in the workplace have made the job hunt more complicated that’s for sure. I feel like workplace culture was never even talked about until about five years ago when tech companies starting picking up on the importance of it. Now the creative industry has made workplace culture a trend and industry norm. Instead of picking up any job that comes your way, I have seen younger generations turn into the decision makers when it comes to the job hunting process. Younger generations now have the power to choose from a variety of jobs, and workplace culture is now a huge factor in that process.

  5. andrewbantly says:


    It sounds like a great time! Hope/wish I could work in an environment like that, which leads me to my thoughts. I think this is a generalization of a small and specific work environment. To suggest, and I’m not saying you do, that this is at all normal I think is misguided. The (very large) majority of work environments are not Portland casual and most definitely don’t offer free beer (it’s free, right?).

    Stoked to hear that you’ve found a work environment like that!


  6. clairecolby says:

    Great post, Allie. I’m glad that you feel comfortable and at home at your agency. I agree with you that it’s important to feel at ease in your work environment. My internship is similar in that it is very casual and alcohol is a regular part of many people’s workday! Hopefully more companies follow suit and spend more time making their company cultures as much a focal point as work-perks and organization structure.

    Thanks for sharing your insight,


  7. Allie, great to hear you love where you’re working. Company culture plays a huge part in how people feel when they go to work everyday and I agree that things like a keg and a dog friendly office make it more enjoyable. Portland has quickly adapted this mindset of creating interesting and fun work spaces that help keep the creative juices flowing. Hopefully we’ll all be lucky enough to end up with kegs in our office in the future.

  8. pdxsx says:

    Haw! “Portland casual.” So true. Good post, Allie. I cannot stress the importance of fit and culture enough.

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