The Ultimate Test Drive


car-keysIt’s hard to believe we are more than half way though our internships now. The weeks have flown by and the pressure is starting to build about what is next. The experiences I’ve had at my current organization are invaluable and I feel privileged to be graduating with the skills I’ve developed. Having multiple different internship opportunities during the last few years allowed me to foster skills in a variety of different areas and will hopefully help me land a job in the future. Graduating and going out into the real world can be intimidating, but I feel a little more secure knowing what I do like to do and what I don’t thanks to the opportunities I received through interning.

They say it’s important to always test out the car before you buy it, and same goes for your career. You’ll never know what kind of job you’ll find enjoyable or self-fulfilling until you are actually doing the work. The past six weeks taught me a lot about what I enjoy and what I don’t. I chose to major in public relations because of the diversity of what I could do with the degree after graduation. Social media, media relations, writing, visual design and event planning are all areas I’ve become experienced with. Out of all of these different areas, I realized that I really enjoy the event planning and marketing side of things. It’s something that I was always curious about, but never really became serious about until I had an internship that involved event marketing.

Earning your college degree is a huge accomplishment, but the best investment you can make in your future career is having as many different experiences as you can. Even if it’s an industry you have never considered, or not the most glamorous of companies, take every opportunity you get. We will be working for the next 30 or so years, and whether those years and enjoyable or unbearable because of our job is up to us. It’s unrealistic to assume we will find our dream job right after college, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start looking now. There is an unlimited amount of opportunity surrounding us, you just need to find it, because after all, an internship is the best way to test drive your future career.

Amy Hogan

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Test Drive

  1. Wise words! I agree that the only way to learn about what you like in your industry is by diving right in. Thanks, Amy!

  2. Great advise. I totally agree with the fact that there is no better way to learn and find out what you like than actually doing it. Thanks, Amy!

  3. darlenef1 says:

    Love the test drive metaphor! You’re definitely right about PR being such a diverse major. Keep up the great work, Amy!

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