Staying Healthy While Working Hard

Staying Healthy While Working Hard

After a lot of hard work and getting used my new surroundings, I can finally say that I feel so much more comfortable and confident working at my current internship. I now find myself excited when I am assigned a new and unfamiliar task. Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with how my internship experience has been so far.

One thing that stands out to me after being at my internship for over a month is that a lot of the time, new interns will go above and beyond to succeed and therefore, it’s important that you are taking proper care of yourself while you’re at it. You can’t miss a day, and it’s essential to stay active and enthusiastic while on the job.

Here’s a few tips on how to maintain healthy and energized during your internship experience that have worked for me:

  • During those long work days when you’re sitting down for hours working on a project, make sure to take breaks, stand up from your desk and do some stretches.
  • If your neck starts to hurt because your desk is a little low and you don’t have a computer stand, place a few books under your computer so that you don’t have to look down for so long. I had this problem and didn’t pay attention to it for a while. Nothing is worth putting yourself in pain.
  • Bring a packed lunch to work; eating out can be unhealthy and very expensive. Here are some tips on how to make a quick healthy lunch.
  • EXERCISE. Nothing helps me feel more energized and confident than exercising. Find time to work out and make it a priority.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Don’t overdo coffee. Try to substitute it with green tea. (I used to drink coffee daily until I started drinking green tea. I still love coffee, but I appreciate it a lot more when I only drink it occasionally.)
  • Take your vitamins. It will help you avoid getting sick as often.

These are a few things that have helped my internship experience so far, but If you want to learn more, here are some tips from the professionals.

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  1. Amy Hogan says:

    These are all great tips! It’s important to remember to take care of ourselves before anything else because we can’t perform our best if we don’t feel our best. I still need to work on the drinking less coffee part-I’ll have to try drinking tea more often! Thanks for the advise, Lucia!

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