The Balancing Act: Work vs Life

work-lifeAfter the initial excitement of starting my new internship in Portland started to fade, real life began to set in. No longer are my only priorities to pass all my classes and have fun with my friends. Now I have to worry about a morning commute, meeting deadlines and consistently putting my best effort into everything I do for the organization I am working for. There is no doubt in my mind that I am prepared to become part of the working world, but what I didn’t prepare myself for was how my daily routine was going to change outside of my internship.

Adjusting to a new city and a new job can be physically and emotionally draining at times. Life as I’ve known it for years changed, and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to balance my work schedule with my personal life. I have always been an active person, so it was a bit of a shock for me to spend 8 hours of my day sitting down at a desk, then another hour in my car commuting home, only to go to bed two hours later. I quickly decided I needed to include something into my daily routine that I could do for my own personal well-being. After learning about it from my supervisor at work, I signed up for ClassPass, a membership that allows access to a wide range of fitness studios in the area. Now, instead of sitting in rush-hour traffic after work, I go to a fitness class nearby my office while traffic dies down. Incorporating exercise back into my daily routine brought back something that is familiar to me and that makes me feel good. It has also made me more productive at work because I have something to look forward to a the end of the day- a win win for everyone!

Life is full of changes, especially right now, but its important to keep the routine that works for you consistent. Read a book, cook dinner, go to the gym or spend time with friends and family. Whatever it is that makes you happy and keeps you grounded, be sure you make enough time to do it. You can only perform your best if you feel your best, so make your routine a priority and keep your life balanced!

– Amy Hogan 

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3 Responses to The Balancing Act: Work vs Life

  1. I didn’t know that was a thing! Thanks for the recommendation :). Nice job, Amy!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Life changes such as a new internship will always have an impact on your daily life and it is really important to acknowledge this. Finding the right times to continue doing what makes you happy is great advice. Thanks, Amy!

  3. pdxsx says:

    Great idea on the ClassPass, Amy, as well as figuring out how to avoid the commute traffic! So smart you are!


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