Embracing Change


As it’s been said many times before, change is not always easy. But more often than not, change is good. It’s harder for some people than others, but I’ve been able to find ways to cope in order to keep moving forward during my first real internship in a new city.

I’m working as a social media intern at a company that truly defines the work environment I always dreamed of in my college years. From the beautiful office to the genuinely nice people, every part of this new experience is rewarding, and calls for the work I’ve been preparing myself for these past four years.

However, I still find myself terrified, wanting to run back to where I came from, where I know how to do most things surrounded by people I know. Not only is this a new and unfamiliar place, but the work I am doing is real. “Good enough” is no longer an option. I am now part of a real team working towards real results, a company that is counting on me and therefore, I must do things right. 

Here’s a few tips on how you can deal with change. What has been especially helpful for me is realizing how many times I’ve been through changes in my life and the difficulty each time. But, I recognize that I did my best, took advantage of what I could, and as a result succeeded. It reassures me that as long as I am prepared to learn, make mistakes, and work to the best of my ability, moments of change will only help me grow. Now I try to remind myself that it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. Embrace it.

Moving out of your college town, saying goodbye to your friends who move away, and starting a new job are all big changes, and recognizing this is a good start. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you feel disoriented, or not completely confident at first. It’s part of moving on and getting older. But if you stay positive, open-minded, and passionate about your future, change will only make you more successful.

Lucia Estrada

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4 Responses to Embracing Change

  1. Great mindset, Lucia! That’s a good reminder to remember the changes you have overcome before – success is possible if you are willing to try. Best wishes.

  2. pdxsx says:

    A perfect first post, Lucia and so very, very true! So glad you are enjoying yourself, feeling challenged and growing in the PDXSX program! Well done, lady. Keep it up!

  3. Adam Hegstrom says:

    Lucia, as a fellow PDXSXer I could not agree more. With new things comes new possibilities. It is easy to sike yourself out when heading into a new job/internship/whatever. I know I definitely do. Though, I’ve realized that things usually work out just fine if you go in with a good attitude and willingness to work hard. Good stuff Lucia!

  4. ahogan7 says:

    Lucia, I couldn’t agree more. Change can always be challenging at first, but it makes us stronger individuals in the long run. Keep doing great work at your internship!

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