Final Thoughts

Graduation is near and our 3-month internships are wrapping up.

Now, what?


Some will travel, some will move back home, and others will leave or continue their internship. For me, I am staying at my current employer for the summer in hope for a full-time position and to network in Portland.

Looking back at this experience, I learned to value myself as an employee and to understand the meaning of work culture.

Here are the top 10  lessons I learned as an intern:

  1.  Value your own strengths and recognize your weaknesses
  2. Do not rush your work, give time to edit, edit, edit.
  3. Ask other employees to lunch and talk about how they started their career
  4. Thank you cards go a long ways
  5. Make a daily to-do list to effectively time manage your day
  6. Brainstorm ideas to present at meetings
  7. Ask about internal job opportunities
  8. Use your contacts to network
  9. Work with a sense of urgency
  10. Do not forget about your UO alumni connections and of course, Josh Netzer!

I give this program a 10/10 and would recommend it to any UO Journalism senior who is approaching graduation.

Cheers to the Spring 2015 Portland Senior Experience cohort for graduating!




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6 Responses to Final Thoughts

  1. hannahosborn says:

    Great final bits of advice! I could not agree more with the importance of not rushing your work and giving yourself enough time to review and edit. The only mistakes I’ve made during my internship have happened when I’m moving too quickly and my attention to detail starts to slip.

  2. I agree with you and Hannah. Our internships are a lot different than school. If we make a mistake we could lose a client or our jobs (depending on severity) which is a lot different than if you make a mistake on your homework and you get a C. It’s very important to pay attention to detail and double check your work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liana Berke says:

    Great advice! I definitely agree with your tips on networking. It’s sometimes easy to let connections you make at work dissipate over time, but I have come to notice the importance of keeping this relationships alive. You never know who you will come in contact with down the road!

  4. nikkimaroney says:

    Great post, Alison! These past three months have flown by, and I cannot believe the life we once knew is about to be over. With our college degrees, it will be exciting to see where all of us will end up. And congratulations on your summer internship! Your hard work goes to show how a strong work ethic and positive attitude go a long way in the professional world. I will definitely take my current internship experience with me as I move forward through the ambiguous path after graduation. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can’t believe that the PDXSX is coming to a close. I remember our first meeting at the beginning in April and we were all so nervous about our internships. Congratulations on continuing on at your company for the summer. I am hoping to stay in Portland as well, so if you ever want to go to happy hour let me know! I met with Linda in the Career Center yesterday and she really helped me plan out my next steps. I recommend anyone who is graduating to make an appointment with her! Congratulations and thanks for your post!

  6. Rachel says:

    Love that you had a to-do list on your list. Gotta love staying organized! That is so awesome that you got a paid extended internship! That is aweosme that you are chasing after your dreams! I agree, networking may be the hardest but is key.

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