The Road Less Traveled

For the past 16 or so years, I have always looked forward to summer. I had a countdown on my phone and started making plans as soon as spring hit. Not only did it mean my birthday was around the corner, but it also meant that I got to take a break. Sure I’ve had my fair share of summer jobs and internships, but there was just something comforting about the change of pace that made it my favorite time of year.

This year, however, everything is different. Suddenly, the idea of taking a break is more stressful to me than relaxing.

I always assumed that I would jump right into work after graduation. It was kind of a no-brainer for me and it just seemed like the most natural progression. Therefore, when I was presented the opportunity to take some time off and travel this summer, I was pretty skeptical.  Will I be able to get a job when I return? Are employers going to think that I’m not as serious about my career?

I was completely torn, so ITravel-Accessories-2560x1055 turned to some of my co-workers for advice. I asked around and an overwhelming majority said that they regret not taking time off to travel while they could.

I think that our generation is so eager to jumpstart our careers that we often forget the importance of taking a moment to celebrate all that we have accomplished and appreciate being young.

So whether you are taking time off before jumping into the next chapter of your life or are heading straight into the workforce, remember that it’s okay to step back and take some time for yourself.

-Liana Berke

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4 Responses to The Road Less Traveled

  1. jlandre2014 says:

    Love, love, love this! It’s so true. We’re all in a panic to get a job straight out of college without stopping to think what we really want to do. I was also presented with the opportunity to travel, and even though I was against it at first, I’m starting to warm up to the idea. We have to realize that’s okay not be a super successful millionaire by age 25. These things take time, so we might as well enjoy the journey. You should travel! I’m betting you won’t regret it.

  2. kativanloo says:

    Thank you for this! I actually just contemplating taking some time off in between school and my career today. We’ve all worked so hard; we should at least take a week or two to relax and reward ourselves. I hope you enjoy your travels!

  3. hannahosborn says:

    That’s awesome that you’re taking some time to yourself to travel! Although that’s not in the cards for me, sometime I wish it was. Although I won’t be traveling any time soon, I am considering taking a less traditional path after I graduate, but I’m also worried about how it could affect my career in the long run. I think it’s important to remember you had what it takes to get to this point and you’ll still have all that to fall back on if and when you do decide to head into the post-grad workforce.

  4. Rachel says:

    Yay! Awesome job for taking the innitiative to travel! You will have an amazing time and learn so much about yourself! I know that a perfect job will be waiting for you when you return! Thanks for the insight! -rachel Davidson

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