Be Bold

As we are all aware, graduation is a short 23 days away and life in the comfort zone of school is quickly vanishing. Right now, with literally the whole world in front of us we have numerous options– but which options do we take? Do we take a soul-searching trip to Europe? Do we take some time to rest? Do we go back to our job we have in school? Do we venture across the country to get a job someplace obscure? Or do we get an internship in our hometown?

As you can see, the options are endless and each option has their own pros and cons. Luckily for me, my decision wasn’t too difficult. My internship has been informally extended into summer (depends on client workload). Further, I took a bold step and asked my boss what the likelihood of taking a month off to travel across Europe this summer— to my pleasant surprise he is graciously  allowing me to take the trip—for however long I want— and he said the day I leave I have a job and the day I come back I will have a job.

My experience is an anonomly and I know not every has an internship extension, let alone allowed to take a month off for a trip. Below are some tips on how to be bold in attempts to land your dream job:

  • Stand out. Competition is fierce and if you have dreams of working at a Fortune 500 company you will not get the job if you are like everyone else. Show that you are different and creative, that you are a problem solver, a quick learner and an asset.
  • Show your skills. Even as an intern you can show your worth. Find creative ways to contribute— plan a volunteer trip, put in the extra effort on your work, etc. there are many ways to show off your skill set— be creative. That is what your employer wants to see.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. This tip is pretty straight forward. We all fail at some point in time, it doesn’t matter how hard you fail, but how you get up.

Don’t forget to have goals and live your dreams. Right now, we are relatively free and can do what we please. Don’t let anyone or anything tie you down from accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.

-Spencer Smith

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2 Responses to Be Bold

  1. jlandre2014 says:

    This is so true! I’ve always wanted to travel after college, but now that I’m looking for a job, it doesn’t seem realistic. But you’re right — now is the time to be bold and take chances. Thanks for sharing!

  2. joefschr says:

    This is something that I learned from my first internship my freshman year.You really have to stand out and make yourself known among everyone in the internship and know that your their to do work! Making yourself known, asking for the extra opportunities and being able to swallow your pride and just dive right in, with no fear of failure, that’s what people and employers like to see in their interns and entry-level workers. You work hard, and don’t complain, then the rest falls into place.

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