It is truly all about who you know

With graduation quickly approaching, I have been applying for jobs like crazy. Let me tell you, it is exhausting. Constantly adjusting my resume to fit each job description and writing cover letter after cover letter to show that I would be a great fit got old a while ago.

I have had minimal bites on my applications, so I started to wonder what I could do to make myself stand out from the competition. That is when my boss reached out to me, offering any advice or help in my job search.

I asked him to read over my cover letter to see what I could change in order to stand out from the crowd. However, he said from his experience, hiring managers don’t even read past the first paragraph of cover letters. This was disappointing, as I have been trying to master the craft of writing them for so long. He told me one of the few ways to get your foot in the door is to know someone who works at the company you’re applying for.

I don’t know many people in the industry I want to work in, but my boss said that he might. So, I recently sent him a list of places I have applied to and would like to apply to, and he said he would look for an opportunity for me that is within his network.

We’ve heard it all of our college careers, “it is all about who you know.” For me, I knew this, but thought my experience and passion would possibly get me there anyway. But so far it hasn’t. So, my advice for you is to reach out to your bosses, professors, advisers and even classmates. Someone is bound to be able to help you get your foot in the door.


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5 Responses to It is truly all about who you know

  1. That is awesome that your current boss is willing to help you with your future job search. We all know quite a few people and now we must utilize our resources, even if it may be a little scary or awkward. Thanks for sharing!

  2. kativanloo says:

    I could not agree more! Reaching out to people in your network is such a great way to get your foot in the door somewhere. I think this is really important for us to remember right now as we are just coming out of college, even if it seems a bit awkward or scary sometimes. If someone can put in a good word for us or connect us to someone at a company, we can have a bit of credibility from the start by having a referral. Thanks for sharing!

  3. joefschr says:

    This is a sad reality that I have to come to notice recently too. I want to just go crazy and apply anywhere I can, but I’m afraid that my resume is either going straight to the garbage or sitting in a pile collecting dust, waiting to be shredded ninety days from now. But using your boss to network is exactly what the program is for: networking! Hopefully this leads to your next chapter of your career or a possible job offer. Networking is key, we just got to swallow our ego sometimes and make it happen! Good luck!

  4. kalimungovan says:

    This is so important! As we’re all applying for jobs we’re looking for that thing that sets us apart from other applicants and making connections will definitely help. You never know who may know someone where so talk to your coworkers and see if they mention knowing someone that works at a company you may be applying for. You’d be surprised at how many connections people have! Your advice is great, thanks for the post!

  5. Rachel says:

    Cover Letters are the absolute worst! I literally despise writing them-and the worst part is that nobody even reads them! Thats great your boss is willing to help you-that is awesome! Congrats

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