Win Over Your Co-Workers

160945425It’s week six at my internship and I’m beginning to get a good grasp of my company’s work culture. While doing so, I am getting to really know my co-workers. My co-workers are awesome and they make my long days in the office, positive and fun. This study shows that co-workers play an important role in ensuring a worker’s happiness at his or her job.

Sometimes it may seem like a drag to get up at the crack of dawn to get to work at 8 a.m.(we all have those days), but having a good relationship with your co-workers can really help you stay motivated on those hard days where no amount of coffee can perk you up.

From my own experience, here are some tips to help you win over your co-workers.

Take the time to learn about your co-workers interests outside of the office. One way to do this is by spending your coffee breaks or lunch with different people within your organization. Make it your goal to invite one new co-worker for lunch. Your co-workers will be more willing to open up if they see effort coming from your end. During your hour lunch break, try to find one thing in common with your co-worker. I recommend finding any infamous PDX food carts near your work. It is a quick meal and there are many different options for the picky and non-picky eater. Everyone wins.

Be approachable. Make sure you’re aware of your body language. It is important to smile frequently and have a good attitude. If you are constantly hunched down at your desk with a frown on your face, it is more likely that your co-workers will think you want nothing to do with them.

Go with the flow of the workplace. At my internship site there are certain times where the office has an extraordinary workweek, this occasionally leads to a happy hour celebration. Someone in the office usually sends a group e-mail inviting the whole office to happy hour. If everyone gets together for a work drink or kickball game, it’s a good idea to show up every now and then. This will give your co-workers a chance to get to know you outside of the office; it also shows that you’re willing to spend your extra time with them. Happy hour with your co-workers leads to extra laughs in the office, which is known to increase productivity.

-Jesi Wu 

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5 Responses to Win Over Your Co-Workers

  1. nikkimaroney says:

    Great post, Jesi! I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of bonding with your co-workers. Yesterday, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I invited one of my co-workers to lunch with me. Little did I know, my co-worker loves Mexican food just as much as I do; we were stoked when we found an amazing taco stand just a couple blocks away from us! Engaging with people outside of the working environment is an authentic way to build relationships with one another. We’re already planning our lunch date for next week. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsay Pfeifer says:

    I definitely agree with you about maintaining good relationships with your coworkers! Sometimes this may be hard, but no one wants to work at a place with a negative company culture. Working at a theater in an open office allows for constant conversation and laughs during my work day. Sometimes it even interferes with ALL of our productivity levels, but in the long run I think it’s for the better. Great post!

  3. In my opinion, a job is just a job but your co-workers are the ones who make a difference and are a big reason at why people stay at a job for a career. Obviously, there are going to be co-workers you don’t get a long with but I bet we have more in common with our co-workers than we think. We just need to get to know them. Thank you for posting this!

  4. kativanloo says:

    Jesi, I love this post. Thank you for this. Some of my best friends are former co-workers of mine. I also completely agree with checking on your body language from time to time. When you’re sitting at a desk all day you can sometimes get into a habit of slouching or furrowing your brows looking at your computer, which can look really uninviting!

  5. robbydavis23 says:

    Great post Jesi! I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s always awkward being the new person that just got hired, but the only way to overcome that feeling is to get to know the people you work with. Plus, they are the ones you’ll be spending tons of time with, so it’s best to get on their good side right off the bat. I also really liked how you emphasized the importance of going with the flow. Even though things may be done in a way that you don’t agree with you have to learn that it’s not your company and that it’s better to not question authority. Also, when you’re flexible you become even more valuable to your company because they know that they can trust you with various tasks.

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