Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

sunset-sailing-ship-wallpaper-hd-wallpapers-sunset_sailing_ship-1449340“Be the captain of your own ship”

This is a great motto for life. You are the most important person in determining your future; you are the one that dictates your own life. Successfully getting an internship was a great accomplishment. It is something to be proud of. However this is just the first step in the upcoming job search, it doesn’t end here. No one is going to call you on the phone and hand you a job. Finding a job is going to be hard work, and this is not the time to be tired or burnt out.

You have worked so hard during your college career. You got into an amazing college, you went to every 8 am with a smile, you took a million finals, you managed not to breakdown when you got your first C, and dealt with all of the crazy stress of college. You have put in so much effort into your college career, it is time to take the same effort, motivation and momentum and apply it to the job search and finding a career after your internship and graduation.


hire-meSadly, this is not the time to relax; but work harder, longer, faster, and more effectively. This is the work that matters. Having a career path that you love is important, and will change the rest of your life. Start it now. It is important. Stop Netflix binging, stop sleeping in, stop saying ‘I’ll apply tomorrow’ and do it. Be open to new possibilities, but strategic in what you apply for. Apply for things that sound interesting to you in places that you could possibly want to live in. Don’t waste your time by applying for things you know that you won’t enjoy.

Start the journey now. Set goals, make to-do lists, have a power stance, and apply. There will be rejection, you will feel defeated, but eventually you will succeed. You are the captain of your ship-So steer it in the right direction.

-Rachel Davidson

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8 Responses to Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

  1. wujesi says:

    I do admit, reading your post gave me anxiety. But it was much needed. Thanks for your post. The Netflix binges do need to stop…. How could 2 seasons go by in 2 days? I don’t know. *slobbers on self*. I’m ready to steer my ship into producticity mode!

  2. wujesi says:


  3. Alison Jelden says:

    Great insight! It’s a crazy transformation between college and developing our career. My first thought with job searching is to apply for everything. Now after starting the internship, that is not the case. It’s smart to the companies you want to work for and places you actually want to live in. Good luck with the job hunt!

  4. kativanloo says:

    I am so thankful for your post. This is exactly the type of motivation I need right now. It’s safe to say we are all getting a bit run down as we work super hard these last few weeks, but we need to strive toward getting a job we enjoy! To do that, we need to heed your advice to get focused and just do the work that needs to be done. By the way, that TED talk is my favorite one! Kid you not, I do power poses before interviews to this day. Thanks for your post!

  5. Lindsay Pfeifer says:

    I have to agree, my motivation levels have been way lower than they need to be. How is it that we graduate in 6 weeks? I don’t believe it. Now to get my job in line… thanks, Rachel!

  6. jbrosy says:

    This post is exactly the push I need to get my head in the game of job hunting. I want so much to have a job handed to me by the time I’ve exhausted my internship but realistically it takes real time and effort for things to happen. You make an awesome point that it’s our instinct to take some time to relax after four years of working our butts off in at college but this is definitely not the time. Thanks so much for your post, Rachel!

  7. robbydavis23 says:

    This trend of putting things off is definitely one that I struggled with throughout college. Fortunately, this term has really taught me the importance of being proactive and accomplishing tasks as soon as I possibly can. The longer I put something off, such as applying for career jobs, the more I’m just hurting myself. In today’s world there’s always going to be competition for jobs. In order to stay competitive we have to stay on top of our work and set goals that we are actively working towards. Great post Rachel!

  8. Ah, yes, easier said than done. These past couple of months I have felt confident since I have an internship now– better off than my friends! But I have to realize that I will not be an intern for the rest of my life. I need to be proactive and do it NOW! But maybe I will start that… tomorrow 😉 thanks for your post and motivation!

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