The hashtags #LifeAsAJGrad and #LifeAsAJStudent have been synonymous with the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. The hashtag is a fun and unique way for various stakeholders (alumni, prospective students, current students, parents, community members, etc.) to experience life as a journalism student or graduate.

However, as with all social media, what we see is what people choose to post. We tend to post about fun events we have attended, how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is, or how our favorite cafe spells our name incorrectly on our cup. What the hashtags don’t show you is how much work goes into being a journalism student or professional.

Throughout college I kept myself busy— school work, two leadership jobs on campus, intramural sports, sporting events, church group and friends. You name it, I did it. However, all of my “busyness” did not fully prepare me for life at my agency. The real world is scary and the deadlines are real—no more “my dog ate my homework” excuses.

These past couple weeks at my internship have been stressful. Working on three different clients, the projects seem endless. As soon as I complete one project and check my email, I have two more projects in my inbox. In college, once you write a paper or take a final you are done. However, when it comes to clients there are no “finals” or end dates.

It is easy to get confused and loose your drive. Stay focus, and be organized—working in a fast-paced industry like PR, it is imperative to be on top of your game and not let the small stuff weigh you down.

My one piece of advice for incoming professionals is to be present and enjoy where you are in life. Life is too short to be worrying about the future. College goes by too quickly, enjoy post-class naps and sand volleyball in the sun while you can. You can find more tips from the experts here.

Even though I feel like my life is post-college, I am going to enjoy these last five weeks as a #LifeAsAJStudent.

—Spencer Smith

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4 Responses to #LifeAsAJGrad

  1. pdxsx says:

    Great post, Spencer. Only 6 more weeks and you’ll be wearing one of those hats! 🙂

    Superb insight on staying focused on the job too.


  2. Alison Jelden says:

    HAHA! I love the “my dog ate my homework excuse.” It is classic but sadly you can’t use it in the professional world. Lets go on a PDXSX hike soon while we can! Great post and I can’t believe we will be graduating in 6 weeks!

  3. robbydavis23 says:

    It’s almost unbelievable that graduation is only 6 weeks away! Even though this is a huge accomplishment, that I’m sure we are all looking forward to, it’s important to stay in the present. I liked how you connected this concept to our internships. It seems so easy to think about what the next few weeks are going to consist of that we sometime forget about the here-and-now. To be successful in this industry it’s essential that we stay focused. Great post!

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