Time Management Between Work And Applying For Jobs


At your current internship, you work until the job is done, however; when do you find the time to apply for a full time position?

Not everyone’s internship will turn into a full time paid position, we can only hope, but now is the time to start planning for after graduation.

As an intern who is trying to develop my career, it is a struggle to motivate myself to start applying for jobs. From my experience, I have learned that job searching is a full time job.

You have to set aside time each week and develop a well-organized list of potential jobs. I use a master list to organize potential jobs, applications, and follow-up dates on Google Docs. Here is a suggested weekly timeline of how to job search based on my schedule.


On Monday, I take an hour to search for potential jobs. I use Mac’s List, an online tool to search job openings in the greater Portland area. From this list, I pick the top three to five jobs that catch my interest. I add these jobs to my own master list.


On Wednesday, I apply to at least three jobs. Set about 30 minutes for each application to customize a cover letter. Another helpful tip is to have at least three letter of recommendations already written so you can easily attach to the application if needed. Do not forget to add your personal website to the email.


It is essential to follow-up with each application you send out. I find it useful to follow-up on Monday or Wednesday since you are dedicated to applying for jobs on those days. Remember to add a follow-up date to your master list that way you can stay proactive about your job search.

Other ways to job search is to attend networking opportunities with working professionals and request informational interviews. This is a great way to develop your corporate persona outside of the office.

You never know who will be hiring!

-Alison Jelden

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6 Responses to Time Management Between Work And Applying For Jobs

  1. Lindsay Pfeifer says:

    These are really great tips! I, too, have had trouble with job applications and simply find it daunting. I think that setting a schedule is a great way to combat that stress and a way to be more productive in our search. Since graduation is so close (ah!) I will try out these tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. kativanloo says:

    Ah, job hunting. You’re right; between our internships and classes it can be hard to find the time to apply and interview for another position. Your tips are very helpful. I also have a master list, which is the easiest way to have all the information, updates and statuses of applications all in one place. Thanks for sharing!

  3. pdxsx says:

    Good work, Alison! And really looking forward to hearing more about some of your recent interviews! I really liked your schedule for applying for jobs in a consistent manner. Also, this is a good way to find if your resume can really generate traction in the workplace!

  4. Job searching is definitely a full-time job. Thank you for sharing your tips!. I think that is a great idea to set certain days for certain tasks.

  5. Thank you for the tips! It is hard to find time after a busy day to make the effort for your future self. Just need to break down the tasks into small and simple steps to complete after a busy day. Thanks again!

  6. How ironic that searching for a job is a job! Research, planning, strategy, performance!

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