Learning To Be a Professional


Over the past month the company that I have been interning for have been going through a few changes that have plenty of people stressed. When it comes to work environments having one person stressed can cause stress amongst the entire office.

What my editor has been emphasizing throughout this transitional period is to be a consummate professional. When we think of being a professional so many different topics come to mind, such as arriving on time, dressing for the occasion, and completing tasks in a timely manner. What I’ve learned throughout this experience is that being a professional also means being as flexible as possible. Being flexible ultimately means that when something unexpected comes up you already have a sense of how to deal with it. Flexibility also makes you even more valuable to your company. Having your boss know that they can depend on you during whatever situation may arise is invaluable when you are going into the industry that we all are.

Being a professional is a skill that we all need to master because it is one that we will need throughout our careers (no matter what field we eventually go into). Fortunately for us, we all have a head start when it comes to learning these types of lessons.

– Robby Davis


About Robby Davis

My name is Robby Davis, and I have spent the last 23 years in Eugene, Oregon. I loved growing up here, and have spent much of my life exploring everything that the the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I truly believe that it has something for everyone.
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4 Responses to Learning To Be a Professional

  1. I think being able to adapt to all the changes and transitions going on at your workplace will be one of the most valuable things you learn by the end of your internship. The ability to adapt and stay professional is something that you cannot be taught in school. Though I am sure you are probably stressed during this transitional period, it sounds like you are also adapting to the change in a very professional manor. I couldn’t agree more with your statement of, “having your boss know that they can depend on you during whatever situation may arise is invaluable when you are going into the industry that we all are.” I think sometimes people forget that it is the little things that you can bring to the team that can keep you hired in the long run. Thanks for your post Robby!

  2. jlandre2014 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you about being flexible – it really stands out to our supervisors when we try to make something difficult work out. It’s what will set you apart from the average employee!

  3. wujesi says:

    When someone is visibly stressed out, it tends to have a snowball effect. I’ve seen this happen alot in office settings and in my internship. Throughout my “professional” life so far, being flexible has been important and it can really damage you if you can’t adapt- because they can hire someone else that can do the job in a second. Than you for your post Robby!

  4. Alison Jelden says:

    Everyone in the workplace has to be flexible. For me, it is hard to make flexibility evident to my boss. If you display the willingness to arrive early, stay late, and handling unexpected projects will make you valuable to your company. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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