Forget T.G.I.F- There is still work to be done

The moment my alarm went off this morning I couldn’t help but smile. Not only is the sun making a beautiful but rare mid April appearance, it is also Friday.


As I walked into work the phrase “T.G.I.F” could be heard being exchanged multiple times between co-workers. What is it about a full work week that make us need to celebrate? According to a new study, some argue that Fridays at work are not productive. This study  states that people are not as focused on their work after 2:39pm on Fridays. Some offices are even going as far to petition to have Fridays removed from the work week in order to create better morale at the office. Though this isn’t the case at my internship.

Even though the prospect of the weekend lingered in the air, there still is work to be done. Working as an intern for a video production team creates many “hurry up and wait” moments.   Projects take time to build, edit, wait for approval, re-edit and finalize. This can leave you waiting for approval for hours with only a few minutes to finalize the edits. Even though I want to celebrate that it’s Friday, I have to keep my head in the game. There is still work coming in to be completed, even as the clock struck 2:39pm. My internship has taught me to always be on my toes because things in this industry move slowly one second only to pick up faster than you can process the next.

Without even realizing it, the work day had come to a close and I finally finished all my projects for the week. Now, it is officially time to celebrate “T.G.I.F” at happy hour  and be excited for the weekend. Even with the beautiful weather and break from work, don’t get too relaxed; Monday is right around the corner with new challenges and projects just waiting for you.

– Kelly Wolfram

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  1. wujesi says:

    Thanks for your post! I managed to get my intern schedule to M-TH. I work longer days so I can have my friday off! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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