To make a small connection

Having learned more about personalities I have come to realize how important it is to learn about your self and those around you. To understand how others tick is crucial. What  an interesting world we live in that each person is so different and processes things to differently. In Tony Robbins ted talk, “Why we do what we do”,  he discusses how people are different and why they are the way they are. Different people are fulfilled by different things. He discusses the art of fulfillment, the difference in peoples lives in what they need. Understanding needs wants of your co-workers helps you to create effective communication and to know how to produce work your co workers and supervisors understand and appreciate. These types of thought processes have truly helped me in my internship.

I have also come to learn how important it is to learn how to connect with co workers. To understand how to work with them to spark their best ideas and for you to spark yours. To take the extra time to think about how someone ticks is so important. It might not always be easy to understand those around you but if you look and make an effort to notice the little things, take a second to really listen, you would be amazed at what you will find.


Kate Schwartz

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5 Responses to To make a small connection

  1. feeneyy says:

    This is great! It’s completely true that it takes some time to learn how to interact effectively with co-workers. One thing I have definitely learned over these past few months, is that taking the time to learn how your co workers inexact will allow you to properly interact with them when the time comes to ask questions!

  2. madelinestone says:

    This is a good point. When I first met my boss, I had no idea how to interact with him. I was quiet and awkward while we small talked. The first time I made a joke with him turned out to be utterly painful. Now this wasn’t because my boss has no sense of humor, it just turns out that he also needs a little bit of time to warm up to people which I could have learned if I had spent more time observing and less time pushing the relationship. I learned the awkward way. Next time I will definitely pay more attention to how my co-workers interact before I jump in.

  3. Getting to know your coworkers and boss is crucial to your success at a company. Knowing someones triggers and pep peeves allows you to gauge how to handle a conversations or confrontation with coworkers. It also allows you to create a stronger relationship with a coworker, the two of you may even share the same triggers, it’s all about getting to know the people you surround yourself with and how to handle situations. Great post!

  4. You’re right about how important it is to know your coworkers and boss! I know I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people who share the same career interests and passions, as well as learning about their experiences in the workforce. There’s so much knowledge we can gain from them, so you’re right about understanding how people tick. If we understand why they do or say things a certain way, it’s easier to build a relationship with them and talk about the important subjects. It’s also a good way to work well with coworkers on group projects and such.

  5. pcriscola says:

    You make a great point, and its going to take time to learn who your working with and how to communicate with them! Going into a new environment with people who have been working together for awhile is intimidating, but breaking off of that and not being afraid to go out of your way to include yourself will show to be very beneficial to learn from them and collaborate of projects!

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