Building From the Ground Up

Creativity. Perfection. Speed.

Mastering any of these is a challenge, yet journalism majors are called to do all three. We are constantly coming up with new ideas or concepts that have to be backed up with concrete facts and written in a flawless style. Then we race to publish it before anyone has the chance to beat us to it. Add those three talents to other skills journalists have to be proficient in, and we have a lot on our plate!

stressAs an intern, trying to juggle creativity, perfection and speed is daunting. We are still just getting our feet wet and testing our education. During the first few weeks of my internship, it seemed every time I would get one skill down, the others would suffer.

However, in the short time I’ve invested in news writing, I’ve already noticed things I used to stress over are now just a normal part of my day. Sure, new situations are always being hurled my way and my talents are constantly being challenged, but I’m building a base of skills. If I look back at how little I knew for my first Gateway project, I know I’ve become intensely more creative, detail-orientated and quick since then.

Learning and balancing new skills at a job is challenging, but possible. One article gives some tips for learning new skills quickly, like setting a goal, breaking up the skill, and removing barriers to practice it.

So this week, don’t let new tasks or pressures freak you out. See it as a chance to improve and take your game to the next level. Remember, you’re here to learn.  Also, whatever the challenges of being a journalism major are, they can also be why we chose our professions to begin with.

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8 Responses to Building From the Ground Up

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It definitely comes in handy at a time in our lives where we are bombarded with so many deadlines. As someone who is also interning at a news publication, I agree that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You make a good point about looking back to where you were at this point last year with Gateway, and acknowledging how much your skillset has improved. It definitely helps put things in perspective.

  2. pcriscola says:

    I think anyone in our field of journalism can agree that it can be very overwhelming no matter the task! But that’s what I love about PR, there is always something going on and a new project to work on. I may be the only one to say this but I love how no day is ever the same as the next, i enjoy the randomness of it all! It is stressful deciding what assignment is more important over the other and balancing time to accomplish everything at once. To see the growth from Gateway to now is encouraging at how far we have come to working efficiently and being proactive! Thanks for sharing, its good to take a step back now and then to calm the nerves!

  3. pdxsx says:

    Bam! You nailed it, lady! Well done.

  4. I really enjoyed the positive nature of this post. It can certainly be scary entering into these internships where we are expected to learn and perform at our highest level constantly. Seeing these situations as learning opportunities is a much better way of looking at it. Great inspiration on a rainy Monday!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I Totally agree with you. It is a lot to juggle, especially being new in the game. Striking the right balance in the work place is not easy. The articles you linked out are really interesting and helpful. I like your comment about Gateway, I thought gateway was a really good experience for teaching students about a learning curve and the importance of figuring out how to make things happen for yourself.

  6. Kathy Kwong says:

    Yes, being an intern with so many duties and new tasks can be daunting. But at the same time, we have come a long way (especially from Gateway) and in a way, it feels as though Gateway was the same. We were expected to create something to near perfection in a very short amount of time. As an intern we are trying to learn and adapt even more skills to apply. So yes, it is challenging but that is part of why I like to do what I do. Also, the article is a good reflection that will always come in handy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really like how you connected being a beginner to being in Gateway. The pressure of having something done in a quick and precise manner is very prevalent in the internship world and it is something that we have to learn to deal with in everyday situations. It is a challenge, but as journalism students we must accept this responsibility and take it head on. Gateway seems like forever ago, but the lessons we learned continue to assist us in the real world.

  8. feeneyy says:

    I love that you offered a piece of advice for us that related to your post. We all stress about the little stuff as interns and it’s nice to be reminded that we need to relax a bit. Thanks!

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