Classes to take before graduation

College for me went by in a blur. I was scrambling to finish my required courses by the time of graduation and tried to take as many classes that applied to the real world as I could. I was lucky enough to take some weekend workshops and once a week classes that have helped me become successful in my internship and the interviewing process.


If there was one class I would advise everyone at the University of Oregon to take it would be Presentations. Not only did it give me the confidence to speak in front of people and actually feel comfortable, but I learned how to speak the truth. Going into interviews and trying to impress a potential boss while saying what they want to hear is very tricky. You don’t want to say the wrong thing but want to be honest with them. Presentations taught me how to comfortably tell the truth with confidence and control, while owning the stage.

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One of the most important things as public relations professionals is how to use social media, not just for yourself but to represent a company. Running an account for a client can be terrifying as well as educational. The social media workshop is a weekend long class that covered everything from Facebook to Pinterest and how to control both personal social media and a brands social media.


Although this wasn’t a class the things I took from sitting in on guest lectures and agency tours helped open my eyes to the professional world. They teach you how to dress for interviews, what agency life is like before starting to work at one and how to put on a campus wide event. All of the meetings helped prepare us for what was to come in the real world and so far all has applied.

I suggest that if you haven’t taken these classes or gotten involved in Allen hall I would advise you to do so. You won’t understand the real world until you are place in it but these three classes will be a great gateway to help ease you into the process.

Piper Criscola

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3 Responses to Classes to take before graduation

  1. I love this post! Some of the most helpful classes I took in the J School were workshops. For those PR people who have yet to do their portfolio reviews, the portfolios class on the weekend was incredibly helpful! All of these classes (and clubs) sound really helpful and fascinating, it’s so great that the J School gives us these opportunities!

  2. pdxsx says:

    Good job, Piper! I totally agree that any chance a young person has to polish their public speaking or presentation skills is worthwhile. It can be really scary, but those skills are fundamental to a strong professional background.

    Good advice!

  3. feeneyy says:

    I love this! Coming out of college I felt somewhat unprepared in areas such as presentations. I feel like this is a skill that is so important to our success post graduation. If someone would have made me take this class while still in school I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, but I would have appreciated the skills I would have gained from it.

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