Will I ever have the opportunity to contribute to accounts that I am interested in?

Coming into this experience I struggled with this question. Not because I have ever worked on an account that I wasn’t interested in, but I really wanted to contribute to something that I love. However, when coming into an internship, such as this, I understand that this opportunity is right in front of me, but how do I grasp it? How do I show my colleagues that I am capable of contributing to an account?

Thankfully, I looked to some advice given by the book “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College” to learn a thing or two. In the third chapter, author Alexandra Levit provided me a few points on establishing strong relationships with my new colleagues that have already helped me out.


  1. Expand your business networks before you actually need to.
  1. Know what you want from your contacts and what you can offer them.
  1. Contact the person.

After my first week I began talking with other employees about their various accounts. Before I knew it, I was chatting with a guy that works on account that I could only dream of working on. Once I told him that what he does is exactly what I love, he began showing a real interest. After our discussion about my interests, I took a moment to shoot him an email to thank him for his time and let him know that I would be willing to help out wherever help was needed. After that email, I was then invited to join in on meetings and brainstorms. What a dream come true!

To everyone struggling to make that connection with colleagues, just remember that your colleagues were in your position once, and if you make it clear what you are interested in, they may try and help you out.

Andrea Feehan

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2 Responses to Will I ever have the opportunity to contribute to accounts that I am interested in?

  1. Andrea,
    This post makes a really great point that I think we as lowly interns sometimes forget! Everyone above us has been in our position, and people are definitely more willing to help than we might first think. It can certainly be intimidating, but showing genuine interest can be drawing to your superiors and can certainly move you forward in your career. Excellent first post!

  2. pdxsx says:

    YAY YAY YAY! Andrea, so proud of you using some of the advice we are reading about and directly applying it to your internship! What a way to knock-it-out-of-the-park! Great visual aid too. This is an ideal blog post! Keep it up and remember, every day at your internship is another chance for a job interview.


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