It’s Been Real, Farewell PDXSX


As we head towards graduation, we’re finishing up final projects, defending theses, securing job interviews and scouring Craiglist for potential roommates in a city we’ll hopefully end up in. Has anyone else downloaded a bunch of apartment searching apps?

This process has left me overwhelmed and I’m sure I’m not the only one. For the most part, we’ve been in school since we were children and we always knew where we would go next. It was a natural progression, elementary, intermediate, high school then college. But now we have important and scary decisions to make. I want to share advice I received from my co-workers when I was trying to determine my next step.

Your first job, and really your first four jobs, does not define your whole career. I was putting a lot of pressure on this decision but my supervisor reminded me that you don’t have to stay in your first job forever. You don’t even have to stay in the same career forever. Most of her friends from her public relations program ended up in different industries and that’s completely okay. The decisions we’re making today will help us find the ideal fit eventually.

It’s okay to keep looking. Don’t look for new jobs on company time but if you don’t think your new position is the right fit, keep searching for the right position. Create new opportunities for yourself; arrange informational interviews and attend networking events.

 If a job offer does not feel right, don’t take it. This one is tough because we have to pay our rent somehow. But don’t take a job for the sake of having a job. If you know a position not a good fit, find another job that makes you happy. That being said, don’t hold out for the perfect job. Wait for a good fit but acknowledge the fact that you might not be qualified for that “perfect job” right out of college.

Are you stressing, too? Please share any advice, comments or concerns you have about the uncertain future.

Image via Jens Schott Knudsensen

-Kaitlyn Chock

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4 Responses to It’s Been Real, Farewell PDXSX

  1. Hey girl! I would tell you not to stress but I know that’s an impossible task so I guess I’ll just make you feel better by letting you know that I’m stressing hardcore too!

    Your point about not taking a job just for the sake of having one really hit home with me. I recently took a part time position as a social media consultant (something I know very little about). The amount of time I have to put into learning a whole new skill set is making me questions whether this opportunity was worth the hassle!

    Big hugs we’re almost there I know you’ll rock it!

  2. This is so overwhelming! Everything is always easier said than done, but I have found that as long as I trust my gut, I usually will end up in an okay spot. I think your pieces of advice are on point here. The only thing about taking a job is that its always easier to find a job once you already have one. And if I am broke, I’d probably take the job I don’t want for the sake of not being homeless. But those situations aren’t going to be AS much of a problem since we decided to do the PDXSX :).

  3. cbuch232 says:

    The balancing act between finding a job that you like and finding a job that you can get is a difficult one and is always dependent on circumstance. I agree with Alexandra, going with your gut is usually the best, and sometimes the only, way to go because logic and research can only get you so far. Best of luck wherever you land! I’m positive you will find your way.

  4. davidhamernick says:

    That is one piece of advice that has resurfaced a few times for me in the last couple weeks: that your first job is not your career. It is a comforting thought. When thrown immediately into the real world, it’s good to know that we don’t have to get locked into our first job. Also– apartment hunting, oh my gosh. That in itself is a whole other fun game to play. I liked that section in TDTCIC where the author talks about “moonlighting” to find your ideal job if you’re stuck at a job you don’t love. I think you expanded on that nicely here. Great post Kaitlyn, way to close out this term’s blog posts! 🙂

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