Your Experiences Are What You Make Them

I joined the Portland Senior Experience program knowing that my internship would most likely not be in the field I plan to enter after graduation, and that was a little hard for me to grasp. Although I’m not getting to work in the newsroom with reporters and anchors, I don’t take my current internship for granted.

Once I got my internship placement, opportunities began knocking at my door immediately. My boss let me know there was a high possibility I would get to work on the State of Black Oregon project, one that happens every five years. I’ll be travelling throughout Oregon and interviewing African Americans on their experiences here. She also informed me that I would be able to travel with her to help recruit high school students at a journalism conference in San Diego. I’ll also be tagging along with her to high schools where she helps students with journalism and their school newspapers.

With these opportunities I’m getting to do what I love, especially with the State of Black Oregon project. I’m very passionate about race relations in the state and am overjoyed that I get the opportunity to be a part of such a special project. One of my main goals since I began studying journalism was to give a voice to those whose voices are often left unheard, and this project is letting me do that.

On a lighter note… 🙂

autocompress1397518214601My time in San Diego was amazing. The city was beautiful, the people were friendly, and the conference was very successful. At the conference we had a table in the convention center and we talked to the students about the University of Oregon and the School of Journalism and Communication. We met students from all over the United States. There were students from Arizona, Idaho, and Texas. We even met some students from our neck of the woods! Our table was full of cute rubber duckies, pencils, highlighters, Post-its, cups, Quack Facts, look books, and admissions information. There was a consensus from all the students that we had the best swag!

-Simone Myers

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8 Responses to Your Experiences Are What You Make Them

  1. kaitlynchock says:

    I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to hear all about your experience in San Diego! I’m glad to hear that potential Ducks liked your swag the best.

    I also really appreciate the title of your post, “Your Experiences Are What You Make Them,” because I wholeheartedly agree. Your attitude is a huge factor in what you take out of a situation. I think a few of us were surprised by the internships we got but you’re absolutely right, we should not take our internships for granted. We’re really fortunate to be where we are right now and the experience we’ll have this spring is an ideal stepping stone into the workforce. Also, I’m really glad you’ll be a part of the State of Black Oregon project and that you’ll have the opportunity to tell those really important stories.

  2. Thanks for such an insightful post. Like Kaitlyn, I really enjoy the title of this. It’s so true, no matter where we ended up, our experience at these internships will be what we make them! I’m so jealous that your internship has you traveling all around. Travel is one of my greatest life passions and favorite activities. I’m glad to hear that you had a great time in San Diego!

    You mention in your post that you know you don’t want a job in the field your internship is in. I’d love to chat and find out what kind of field you do want to work in! You should join us for happy hour after class today 🙂

  3. cbuch232 says:

    Even though you aren’t working in a newsroom, it sounds like you will gain valuable insight into an area which you are passionate about not only from professionals, but from people throughout Oregon and the West Coast. This experience may give you a breadth of knowledge and contacts that will make you invaluable to a newsroom in the near future. Great post Simone!

  4. pdxsx says:

    Right on, Simone! Glad youhad a super good time with Dr. K in San Diego!!

  5. Simone, I absolutely loved reading this. I think for many of us in the cohort, our internships aren’t linked directly to our exact career goals. That’s what makes them so great though! I’m so happy you’re loving the experience and the new connections. It sounds like you’ve found the ideal place to be this spring when not only are you working, but you’re also traveling and spreading the word about the SOJC. Now THAT is awesome.

    By the way, I’m looking forward to hearing about your San Diego visit! I’m sure it was fantastic. Great post!

  6. jroger10 says:

    Simone, you’re awesome for being upbeat about what isn’t your ideal situation. I’m sure it’s common for all of our internships not to be perfect, but to be a good entry-level learning experience for us while we make our way to dream jobs. It’s awesome that you got to travel already, and cool that you enjoy the bright sides (San Diego–what a good one)!
    Go ducks!

  7. Simone,

    I really enjoyed reading this because I felt very similar when I began this journey. I think that this is a great opportunity for you and although it isn’t in the newsroom it sounds like you are being exposed to many great things. Even though it isn’t exactly what you were originally hoping for it is so nice to hear that you are passionate about what you are doing, I think that is a crucial aspect to success within our jobs.

    I think your title really nails what you conveyed throughout your post. I hope you had an amazing time in San Diego it sounds like you had great success promoting the SOJC and got to experience some cool things in SD. Great post, look forward to hearing more on your success.

  8. It’s great to see that even though you’re not in a newsroom, you’re getting to do what you love. You’re not only passionate about your internship, but you have a goal in mind: to give a voice to the voiceless. What’s even cooler about your internship is how you are a role model for high school students! I think younger students don’t always realize the impact of journalism until the see it for themselves. I think that when they see how successful you are, they will be inspired.

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