Lessons Learned from the PDXSX

Picture 1It was a big decision for me to stay enrolled solely to participate in the Portland Senior Experience, but I am so glad I did! I learned a lot about myself, as well as what to expect as I pursue a career in public relations and communications. Here are two main lessons that I will remember while I continue my search for a job!

 1.    Be Confident

Be confident in your abilities and what you bring to the table. It’s important as entry-level professionals that we understand our strengths and what we can offer to an employer. We need to know ourselves and feel confident sharing our opinions in a professional setting.

When you have ideas and suggestions for how to improve something, share them with your coworkers or even in an interview before you get hired. This is a good way to prove yourself and earn respect as a professional.

2.    Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to show your personality in the office. Your potential coworkers and employer want to feel confident that you would be a good fit on the team and that they would enjoy being around you every day. If you don’t feel comfortable opening up and being yourself in an office setting, try your best to make an effort to do so.

Then, if it doesn’t work out, it probably isn’t the right office for you. It’s better to find this out early on, so don’t hold back your personality too much. There’s a balance between being professional and still putting your personality on display; it’s important to find it!


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4 Responses to Lessons Learned from the PDXSX

  1. aubreyhayden says:

    I was in the same situation (finished with school but stayed in to do PDXSX). I agree that it was a good decision.

  2. Hannah Olson says:

    Your point about showing personality is so true. At first, it seems like you should be overly-professional and with that comes hiding some personality. It can be difficult to find the balance, but when you do, it is so much better! Also – I’m glad you did the PDXSX 🙂

  3. pdxsx says:

    Atta’ girl! We’re so glad you decided to stick around another quarter! You are a rockstar!


  4. Adaira Floyd says:

    This is definitely something I’d like to keep in mind. Sometimes when it comes to work and school, it can be hard to show your uncandid personality free from reservation… especially when you are new. I’m sure there is a fine line between how one should act at work vs how to act with best friends – but I’d definitely like to start showing my personality more in small doses. In turn, I feel like this is also related to your other point about being confident. It would probably be a lot easier to be yourself when you feel confident 🙂

    Glad you were able to participate this term, Cecilia! Great job!

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