While you’re busy focusing on yourself…

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes something to go wrong or to happen in a way you wouldn’t want it to, to make you realize what matters most. This can be in the form of not getting a job, hearing disappointing news, or losing a loved one.

A member of my family passed away last week and during the service I stopped and thought about what was important in life. I looked around the room and saw people put their arms around each other and give one another smiles of encouragement. But what if in a time of need, you didn’t receive that hug or smile? What if reinforcements never came?


I then thought about when I went through hard times: “Who was there for me?”

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in moving forward and putting the pedal to the metal about finding a job or landing the perfect internship, it’s also easy to forget to pay attention to those who catch you when you fall. They’re the ones who give you a hug on your way back up, and help you move forward.

As soon to be college graduates we want to think we can do anything, all by ourselves. While that can be true, a support system is also important. To neglect a support system is to neglect part of your success. When you finally land that dream job, who will you celebrate with? When life knocks you down, who will be there to lend a hand?

It’s important to pay special attention to our support teams. Whether it’s turning your phone off at happy hour so you can actually have a conversation with your best friend or giving your grandparents a call to check up on things, keeping that support group close can provide countless positives to your life.

You’re welcome for the picture of the dogs on a Wednesday.


– Emily Kirk


About Emily Kirk

Life goes through constant changes and multimedia helps captures these moments. I plan to post the moments I've captured and share them with you all as I pursue my career in Broadcast Journalism. Enjoy the ride.
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6 Responses to While you’re busy focusing on yourself…

  1. Adaira Floyd says:

    Aw, those pictures are so cute!
    You are right, Emily. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the people who have helped us get to where we are today and those who continue to pick us up when we fall down. Once you realize it, though, it’s sort of overwhelming! It makes a huge different to recognize and appreciate the amazing friends, family and mentors we have.
    Honestly, I think it’s near impossible to truly “do it all on your own” – at some point, someone must have believed in you in order to offer an opportunity, or someone must have been there to teach you a lesson. Looking at it that way, what matters is the ability to realize the people who have helped you grow.

  2. Hannah Olson says:

    I love this post, Emily, and I’m sorry to hear about your loss. These past few weeks have been really interesting because I’m living at home again and spending time with my friends from high school. As a result, it’s been really evident that investing in your support system is mutually beneficial. You make a great point about disconnecting during a happy hour so you can actually engage with a friend. I often struggle with this and am trying to disconnect sometimes so I can actually connect with those in the present.

    Thanks for the dog pic 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Emily. I love this post and agree with everything you said. When tradgedies happen it helps put into persepctive what’s really important in life. We need to remember not to stress the small stuff and remember the big things in life.

  4. Jasmine N. Rockow says:

    Emily, thank you for reminding me to call my grandparents. Loss is an inevitable part of life and having loved ones to share the burden makes our grief easier to bear. And it’s true what you say — nobody achieves anything in a vacuum. Taking time to show gratitude to the people who support us is vital, nourishing even.

  5. cmfbianco says:

    Emily, I’m sorry about your loss. This is a great post that reminds us all who we have in our lives to support us during this time of transition. It’s important to reach out to our family and friends when we are disappointed in our job search or struggling with what we want to do. I definitely agree with you that we need to focus on the things that are important in life and not get caught up in ourselves. Thanks for sharing with the group!

  6. I’m so sorry, Emily, thank you for sharing. It really is important to remember who helped you get where you are now in some small way, and not get caught up in life and careers. Especially with graduation right around the corner for everybody, that would be especially easy to do. But now is when that support system is more important than ever. And it’s really hard to disconnect, especially for me, when meeting with friends or family, but I know it’s a point of respect so I’m working on it. We really like to multitask don’t we? But really, thank you for the reminder about what’s really important. When everything else fails, you still have and need your people. It’s hard for me to stay in touch with most of my family since I’m on the other side of the country, but that’s a poor excuse. Love the doggies!

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