So.. now what?

With internships nearing a close, I decided to sit down with my editor and talk about my future. I meet with him regularly to have conversations like this and a few weeks ago he told me that although I have been a good intern, the desk doesn’t have the budget to hire a new employee. I understood this and wasn’t discouraged because I feel like these meetings have been going well. So, now time to find a job.

My editor has been incredibly helpful in this and says that I should look to work at a small town paper where I will have to do a little bit of everything and really learn the industry. I have probably applied for about 30 jobs in the last week.

1. Where to look. My most helpful resource has been journalism jobs. While they say 90% of jobs go unlisted, there is still a fair amount of reporter jobs posted on there daily. Another resource I found is Omar Sofradzija. His Twitter account is fantastic. He frequently posts over 10 jobs per hour in all areas of journalism.


2. Resume/cover letter. This can be so confusing. One person might love your resume while another could hate it. Cover letters have always scared me. After researching and talking with people, I have come to the conclusion that it’s best to just keep it simple and straight forward. Don’t write a funny or witty cover letter, just say what you would bring to the job and what you’re looking for in an employer. 

3. Persistence and luck. It can often seem like you’re doing everything right and yet you never hear back from the potential employer. The best thing to do is just stick with it. The more jobs you apply for, the better the chances are.

~Aubrey Wieber


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