Patience and Persistence

I feel like this blog is an aggregation of cliché motivational phrases and stories. I sometimes can’t help but roll my eyes at that kind of thing, but lately they have been proving to be accurate. The cheesy theme of today’s post: patience and persistent will get you far.

I am an editorial intern at a local magazine. Sometimes I get frustrated that I don’t always have writing assignments; I get this mindset that my editor should have a constant stream of stories for me to write. But I’ve learned recently that this is far from reality. Story ideas take a lot of time to generate and verify whether they are worth pursuing or not. Editors are very busy people and it turns out they don’t have much free time to come up with fresh ideas for every writer on staff. I decided to make use of these lulls between projects and commit the time to coming up with story ideas to pitch to them.

About two weeks ago I suggested an idea about a local designer. My editor was intrigued but told me to find a different angle and get back to him. This required more time to research what other stories had been written about her and what unique direction I could go with it. I then set up another interview with her to see if that would help conjure something up. Meanwhile I pitched another web post idea to a different editor.

After a couple weeks of talking it through and finding a focus, I finally got the go ahead to write the story for the magazine. I also got approval to start on the web post that I pitched. It’s a great feeling to know that my ideas and writing are valuable to my employer and that I get to spend my time working on something that I essentially created for myself.

Lesson learned: if you’re not getting what you want out of your job, take initiative and go get it yourself.

Haley Martin

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3 Responses to Patience and Persistence

  1. pdxsx says:

    Atta, girl! Always show your supervisors that you are thinking about the next opportunity; and make sure to bring them options instead of problems. Sounds like you are already on it!

  2. aubreyhayden says:

    I intern at a local paper and was pretty surprised at how much of the job entails things outside of writing and reporting. I have do take photos, videos, as well as a lot of things on the back end of the website to make sure everything looks right. It is kind of crazy when you realize everything else that goes into the job.

  3. Emily Kirk says:

    Good for you for going out and finding something to do on your own, Haley! At my old job I often felt like they forgot about me when it came to delegating the jobs, so I had to start making up my own. Perseverance is key to curing that itch for something to do! Good job.

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