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While you’re busy focusing on yourself…

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes something to go wrong or to happen in a way you wouldn’t want it to, to make you realize what matters most. This can be in the form of not getting a job, hearing disappointing news, … Continue reading

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Kneeling at the altar of fate and circumstance

When I started this program I wasn’t sure if coming to Portland was the right choice. I felt scared. I wasn’t scared of how difficult it would be (which I totally underestimated), and I wasn’t afraid of living up to … Continue reading

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Farewell, PDXSX: Here’s to Next Steps

Six weeks ago I wrote my first post for this blog, “How To: Become an Adult,” and I can’t help but chuckle. I imagined that this term would be an abrupt introduction to adult life but instead these past weeks have been a … Continue reading

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So.. now what?

With internships nearing a close, I decided to sit down with my editor and talk about my future. I meet with him regularly to have conversations like this and a few weeks ago he told me that although I have … Continue reading

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How Being a “Super Fan” Can Keep Your Skills Sharp

“I go to work. I go home. I go to bed… and later I wake up and do it all over again.” I hear this all the time from my friends, family and peers. When someone talks like this, it … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Take Breaks

We’re getting close to the end of the term, and things are getting busy! It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, but I am using what I have learned this term from my internship and my fellow PDXSXers to … Continue reading

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What’s Next? Details details…

After more than half a term’s worth of blog posts up here already I was struggling to think of anything worthwhile to add, but I realized I am in a different situation than all the other interns here. I’m the … Continue reading

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