I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – rather, self-assessing. Now I actually have the time to focus on myself, free from work and other distractions like a college environment. I can sense myself becoming more and more confused.

In Chapter 1 of our textbook The Don’t Teach Corporate In College, there is a section called “The Self-Assessment Journey.” In this section, I found it extremely important to take the time to reflect on what my values are. While I have always known that the broadcast news industry is something I want to be a part of because I value storytelling, I can’t help but notice my personal interests float their way into my job selection.

Personally, one of my interests is the outdoors. I spend every free couple of days I have going to the coast, taking a long hike, camping for the night, or soaking in the sun. As I grow older, I see my interests like being outdoors, finding joy in recreation, and travel all taking priority in my life. Now the problem is, how do I combine these two passions (storytelling and the love for outdoors/recreation/travel) into a career?


On top of that – as our dear friend Anderson Cooper addressed yesterday in the Q & A at Portland State University – how can you turn something you love into something you can earn a comfortable living off of? Not only do I have to worry about fulfilling my passions, but also paying for bills and becoming a full member of our economy and society.

I’m terrified of having that “nine to five” job: stuck in a cubicle, horrible florescent lights, enduring monotonous workloads. I need a job that is different everyday for my own sanity – whether that be a different news story to cover, or different weather pattern to report, or new brewery opening in an obscure Oregon town, or documenting a new state park.

However, as a SOJC alumnus, I know that will never be the case.


About Emily Kirk

Life goes through constant changes and multimedia helps captures these moments. I plan to post the moments I've captured and share them with you all as I pursue my career in Broadcast Journalism. Enjoy the ride.
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6 Responses to Self-Assessment

  1. Adaira Floyd says:

    I’m incredibly glad we got to hear what Cooper had to say regarding work and passion. It seems like you and Cooper are a lot alike in that you value telling stories, traveling, ethics and broadcast media. It sounds like the self-assesment helped you narrow that down and see how your passions align with journalism. Isn’t it great to be part of an industry that does allow diversity, new cultures and a different experience every day?

  2. hmartin3 says:

    Great post, Emily! This is something I have been grappling with lately as well. It’s hard to know which career path we should take when we have different interest sets. For example, I love to cook and bake and sometimes wonder why I didn’t go into the culinary field. But then I wonder if I had gone that rout, would I still love it as much as I do now? It’s important to have hobbies that aren’t associated with work, though. Maybe it’s a good think that your love for the outdoors is something you can pursue when you’re not working. Even though you might not be following that passion for your career doesn’t mean it can’t be a major part of your life. Good luck with that internship!

  3. cmfbianco says:

    I agree with you that it’s important to self-assess; this definitely helps us understand what we want in a career. Of course, we can’t always have it all, especially at this stage in our careers when we are just starting to work our way up. However, I think in journalism it is easier to combine passions with work since you can get a job writing about the outdoors, travel and recreation. I hope that you are able to incorporate these things into your internship! Good luck and thanks for the great post.

  4. Hannah Olson says:

    Thanks for sharing, Emily! I think the majority of us (almost grads or post-grads) are going through this but not everyone admits it or talks about the confusion. I’ve also been struggling with the reality of likely working an office job. What keeps me positive is reminding myself that we have to get experience at first and then more opportunities will present themselves and hopefully be really exciting later on.

  5. I loved this chapter as well. Self-assessment is something people often forget to do but it is the most essential step in discovering the correct career path for individuals. I agree with you that the idea of being trapped inside an office eight hours a day sounds daunting. This post has brought to my attention that it’s time for me to get serious about my own self-assessments.

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