From Student to Professional

Picture 2Internships offer many benefits to students preparing for graduation. We gain professional experience, work samples and begin building our career networks. But, most importantly, we get an inside look at how to become a standout employee in our field.

This experience is the perfect opportunity for students to transition into professionals. Absorb everything you can from your organization, so that by the end of the internship, you feel confident that you know what it takes to standout.

Here are two things I have already learned in my first month at the small public relations firm where I am an intern.

1.    Take advantage of resources.

As interns in the field of public relations and journalism, we are expected to generate interesting and relevant content. Use the free resources available to help get yourself organized and impress your manager!

If you’re managing social media accounts or blogging weekly, use a site like Digg Reader to start following bloggers and reporters that are relevant to your audiences’ interests. Your homepage will give you the daily rundown of what’s trending and popular in the news, and you will never run out of topics to write about.

2.    Always ask for feedback.

One of the best ways to spark your transition from student to professional is to always ask for feedback—especially on your writing and communication skills. Feedback from a seasoned professional is extremely valuable.

Through this internship experience, we have access to potential mentors who are more than willing to help us improve and shape us into standout employees. My writing and interoffice communication skills are already improving, and I look forward to continue learning from my organization.

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Cecilia Bianco

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4 Responses to From Student to Professional

  1. aubreyhayden says:

    I agree with you on trying to stay organized and do what you can to impress your manager. I am frequently asked to come up with new/innovative ways to interact with readers and get more people on the site. I think the best way to start that is to know your audience, like you said.

  2. Hannah Olson says:

    Great post! I agree with you that one of the best things we can do is ask for feedback. It feels much different (and scarier) than seeing your instructor’s notes on an assignment. But, on the flip side, it is much more constructive and I feel like I’m really learning something.

  3. Emily Kirk says:

    Good point about asking for feedback. I feel that sometimes you may be seeking out an answer that you may not want to hear – no one loves being told they’re doing something poorly. However, in the long run it will benefit your skill set at work and make you a more valuable employee. Great post!

  4. pdxsx says:

    Well done, Cecilia! Sounds like the already think you are a superstar at your organization. Fantastic advice too!

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