Duckin’ Out

For weeks I have been trying to figure out what to leave behind as my final piece of advice.

I suppose you’re expecting something brilliant, wise, or even revolutionary.  Well this is none of those things; it’s just the truth. 

We have all been given a great jumping off point. A start, some experience, some new tools, and a collection of connections.

Now it is up to us to pack those things in our bags and take the first steps out of academia and into the real world.

Wait, what?tumblr_mk76geGwBT1qkfvdvo1_500

So you mean… I’m a real adult now?

As we get closer to taking those final steps across the graduation stage, we are taking one more step towards the working world.

Don’t be discouraged. You will hear the word “no” a lot.  All it takes is that one “yes” to get you going.

You already have some extra experience under your belt, now it’s up to you to showcase those skills.

Don’t panic. Believe it or not, you are more knowledgeable and resourceful than you might think.

Look to your experiences from your internship, you will be surprised at what you might have learned in the past few weeks.

Most importantly: enjoy the ride. We can’t go back and re-live these experiences. So take them in, savor the moment, and take a few minutes to be thankful.

With that, I’m duckin’ out! See you on the other side 2013 Cohort!

Brittany Bersin


About littlebrittanyb

My name is Brittany, but you can call me Bee. Creative Strategist. Mastiff mom & scary movie snob. PNW.
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5 Responses to Duckin’ Out

  1. Great post, Brittany! I agree, we will probably hear “no” more than “yes” but we can take that as a fuel to keep us moving forward and finding more and more opportunities! I still cannot believe we are going from college students (who are innocent and responsible), to PROFESSIONALS. What?! Let’s make a name for ourselves, I know we will do well wherever we land. The SOJC has instilled some great skills in each of us.

  2. pdxsx says:

    Last post for Spring 2013! Nice work, lady.

  3. Yep, we really are growing up. This experience is almost over ); Living in Portland has been great and I love where I am I life, but things are going to change pretty soon, so I better get hip to it.

    Great post. I think you hit on some definite truths. Enjoy every moment you have but sadle up for the future.

    – Nick

  4. kttodd says:

    Great last post, Brittany! These are some great points. Even if we do hear “no” more than yes for awhile, that’s always a good learning experience and you’re right, it is really important just to enjoy the ride and learn what you can while you can. It seems like we’ve all learned a lot from our experience with PDXSX and from our classes in the SOJC, I’m excited to see where it takes all of us!

  5. Austin Marie Foster says:

    Peace out lady!

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