The Elevator Pitch

Having a well-established elevator pitch can be worth more than elevator pitchgold in the networking business. For us PDXSXers 30 seconds is about all we will have at an interview before someone tunes us out or decides whether or not they want to hire us.

It is important that we have our story and what we want to accomplish ready to go. We don’t want to bore them and be like everyone else who is trying to get the job. We want to be unique and have something that grabs the attention of our potential employer.

In this day and age being able to quickly get your message across is key. There are some great tips posted on this article by Jody Greene. Make sure to include stopping words, so that the other person can have a chance to comment or ask a question and not feel rude. Also make sure to clearly state what it is you do, or are trying to get hired to do, what is your passion. People can recognize passion in someone, and chances are if you sound excited about your passion for PR, advertising or journalism, then they will be excited about it as well. I hope you all have a well-established and PRACTICED elevator pitch ready to go at a moments notice.

Now since this is my last post I guess I will throw in some sappy stuff. The PDX Experience has gone by so fast and I still feel like there are so many of you I didn’t get to know that I would love to know more. It has been amazing getting to know some of you really well 🙂 I have forged friendships this term that I know I will cherish forever. With that being said PEACE OUT PDXSX! It’s been real.

~Austin Foster

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2 Responses to The Elevator Pitch

  1. megmarieshea says:

    Austin, this was a great post to end on. I feel like sometimes I am doing an elevator pitch and I don’t even know it. But keeping those things in mind will definitely pay off once you step out of the elevator ha. I like sappy stuff so it was easy to agree with your parting words. I think this has been one of the fastest terms for me thus far. I wish you all the best in your upcoming experiences. Maybe see you around Portland if you happen to stick around. (That’s also directed at any one else that is staying in Portland as well).

  2. kttodd says:

    This is some great advice, thanks Austin! The elevator pitch is always something that I find a little nerve-wracking to think about but I’ve been surprised to find that I’ve been fairly well prepped for them throughout classes these past four years. I especially like your advice about letting your passion show. It’s easy to forget, but so important. I’m glad PDXSX has been such a positive experience for youit’s definitely gone by fast!

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