The Beginning of the End of the End of the Beginning

Only two more weeks before we graduate and I couldn’t be more of a jumbled mixture of excitement, anxiety, confidence and thirst for more. I can’t help but realize how much potential all of us have and what we can make for ourselves in the world. Maybe we won’t pursue a career in journalism at the end but hey, if we all love what we’re doing right now, why not go for it?

A chapter of our lives will close–college day will be a thing of the past but it was great while it lasted and those memories are the ones we will cherish and look back on as we’re moving forward. However, that also means a new chapter will open in front of us and we can make it however we choose–our lives are our stories to write.


If you feel uneasy about the next upcoming weeks–it’s completely normal and we are all in the same boat. Take this experience in Portland as the baby steps into the real world because now that we know all of these skills and resources in the real world of business, we can apply it to our future careers. As long as you keep your head up, your confidence strong and remember to have fun, make time for yourself and be the best person that you can be–we will be successful.

– Summer Luu


About Summer Luu

Currently a Senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communication. Originally from Portland, Oregon. I aspire to be a photojournalist traveling the world. Photography, music festivals, art, longboarding and eating are some of my favorite past times.
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7 Responses to The Beginning of the End of the End of the Beginning

  1. Great post, Summer! I agree, my emotions after this weekend really hit me! I am nervous, excited, anxious, sad and overwhelmed! I am confident each individual in our cohort is going to find their niche somewhere. Regardless or the career path one chooses, journalism related or not, I can see each of you demonstrating awesome work. I cannot believe how fast these past four years have gone by! I am excited for this new chapter. I am sure after these next two weeks, my nerves will kick in.

  2. These baby steps are about to get a whole lot bigger. I think that PDXSX has made me want to take the “bigger steps” way more than before, now that I feel prepared to do so. It’s crazy how that works, isn’t it?

    Great post!

  3. jackiemc90 says:

    I agree completely Summer, these last few weeks are setting us up. I like your idea about taking time for ourselves; I haven’t done that in a long time and I’m really missing it!

  4. Austin Marie Foster says:

    good post summer. its been real. lovely experience.

  5. megmarieshea says:

    Great insight and advice, Summer. It’s always refreshing to read something that I can relate to so well. Your confidence and attitude will take you far I am sure of it, along the rest of us. As some of you said, I am also excited for the new chapters of life ahead and what that will mean/bring for all us who were apart of this one. Wishing you the best Summer!

  6. Gosh, I know I’m nervous to graduate. I think a huge pressure for me is not so much what job to do after college, but where to go. I definitely do not want to stay in Eugene. I love it, but it is time to go. I have been trying to narrow my options, but it has been difficult. I think it comes down to really deciding who I want to stay close to. This has been the hardest for me to do. It is probably easier if you don’t take relationships with friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend as the forefront of your decision making, but this has been hard for me to do. They are the most important to me.

    I think we have talked about this before, but where are you thinking about going after college?

    – Nick

  7. kttodd says:

    Great advice, Summer! So exciting that we’re graduating. Your confidence is really inspiring, I’m looking forward to hearing about what you do next!

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