No Matter How Busy You Get, Never Miss Your Deadlines

Missing a deadline never feels good. The worst is the moment that you realize it. It may come 1 minutes, 1 hour, or in my case, 1 whole day after you were supposed to get something done.

However, no matter when it comes, it always feels the same, like a two-hundred pound boulder in your stomach, a boulder that doubles as a butterfly sanctuary. Arrg. Although this feeling is a terrible one, when it happens you have to buck up, power through, and own up to your mistake.

You may be wondering, “So Nick, what did you forget this time? You screwed up at your internship didn’t you!”

To answer your question, no — thankfully. However, I did forget to write a blog post yesterday — Josh, forgive me. But I am trying to take this mistake in stride and think of it as a lesson.

Just when I thought I had everything under control and life was going good, I let an assignment slip through the cracks. In the grand scheme of things, missing this assignment may not be the worst thing I have ever done, but in the worst case scenario, it has the potential to keep me from graduating.  I don’t think that Josh would be that cruel, but maybe if I never made up the assignment he would be.

I think there is a valuable lesson here: “No matter how many responsibility you take on, be sure to treat each one of them seriously, no matter how big or small. To quote the cyborg in Prometheus quoting Lawrence of Arabia, “Big things have small beginnings.” You never know how missing something that seems unimportant when compared to your other obligations, will affect you.Image

Here is a link to some ways to NEVER miss deadlines.  This is more for me than you.

Besides this mistake, everything is going well with me.

I hope everyone else is doing the same.



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5 Responses to No Matter How Busy You Get, Never Miss Your Deadlines

  1. Great post Nick! I was honestly just thinking about this yesterday! Missing deadlines can feel like the end of the world, especially when they are attached to something big. One of my coworkers had an experience with this the other day, luckily they weren’t in trouble. I agree with you that big things have small beginnings, so we have to take even the smallest tasks seriously. I’m glad all is well and will be crossing my fingers for your forgiveness!

  2. Very genuine post, Nick! We all make mistakes and experience that moment of panic that feels like you slept through your alarm clock. I hate that feeling too! Although you may have missed a deadline for an assignment, you’re here and writing about a lesson we will all experience, and I am sure, it has happened to at least one of us during this term. I like how you highlighted that the small things can lead to big opportunities. So true. Keep your head up, I am sure you will be forgiven 🙂

  3. Austin Marie Foster says:

    nice post nick. i hope you still graduate 😉 haha. its been real.

  4. megmarieshea says:

    Nick, I think the fact that you are owning up to this responsibility speaks volumes. Honestly is the best policy in most all cases, although it maybe hard sometimes. I always try and make a lesson out of a mistake I made and it seems to have paid off in every regard. I hope you still graduate too. Good luck to you and I am confidently you learned a lesson.

  5. kttodd says:

    Great post, Nick. Missing a deadline is pretty much the worst–that’s an awful feeling. I think when it happens owning up to it is the most important thing, but also learning from the experience, like you said. I’m glad things are going well otherwise, good luck to you!

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