Appreciating Portland

As a native Portlander, I have to admit, I didn’t appreciate our city like I do now. I think it’s because each day, we are immersed in the city life and are face-to-face with what Portland has to offer us. It has helped that my internship emphasizes the Portland community and tries to find aspects of the city and relate it back to current events at work site. I am sure many of you can relate with local papers, agencies etc.

Bottom line is, whether we are leaving the city, leaving the state or even staying in Portland, there is so much to appreciate and more to experience. This is a great place to network. We have so many opportunities. I also think it’s important to think of everyone and everything we meet as an opportunity. You never know who knows who! This place has a ton to offer, but nevertheless, it’s a small world! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get hired right away, but take each person you meet or place you see as an opportunity. Have a drink at a new restaurant, continue informational interviews, run on the waterfront, tour an agency and I could go on.

Whether it’s our city’s beauty, weirdness or endless opportunities, let’s appreciate our surroundings for a second. Next time you’re looking out of the windows in the Turnbull Center, soak it up! We are lucky to live in such a city. I am confident we will leave our mark here, whatever we end up doing.

by Desirae MacGillivray






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9 Responses to Appreciating Portland

  1. Nick Smith says:

    Great post Dez! I can’t agree with you more appreciating things before they are gone is harder than we all think. At the beginning of this term I was starting to question if doing the senior experience was the right choice for me, but after meeting all my amazing classmates and networking with the people I work with I couldn’t be more certain this was the right choice for me. Good luck in San Diego, which is Spanish for the…

  2. megmarieshea says:

    Well first off, I would totally frame that panorama. I am in the same position as you about my feelings about Portland. Growing up right in the heart of the city, I never really knew how lucky I am/was. Now that I have moved back (even if it is with my family), I have gotten so much more out of the city than I think I did when I was younger. At the same time, my focus and priorities when I was younger are different now that I am out of school and looking for a job. I will definitely being taken advantage of every opportunity in the coming months.

  3. When I first moved here, I wondered if I could ever make Portland feel like home. 8 weeks later, I’ve realized that it was way easier than I thought! This city is so accepting—for those of us moving on it will be a tough break up. But, the lessons learned here, both in education and personal development, will stick with us.

  4. kttodd says:

    It sure has been nice being here for the past 8 weeks, Portland has a lot to offer and it’s been really fun to get to know it again. I agree about making sure to appreciate what a cool place Portland is, there’s so much going on all the time that you never know who you’ll run into or what event you might find happening. My time here has definitely taught me how much you can learn just from exploring new places or even taking a different route to work.

  5. kyliewray says:

    I definitely agree. I’m beginning to really love Portland. With reporting on new businesses, I’ve made a lot of great contacts that are just getting started in the Portland area and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things folks are coming up with in Portland. We’ve got such a great market and a unique personality here that anything is possible. Good Luck to you in finding a job in our wonderful Portland!

  6. littlebrittanyb says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day as I was standing next to my window talking to a coworker about her run that morning. Portland is such a neat place with a ton to offer. Great point about taking everything as an opportunity. This field is all about connections and the possibilities are endless. We are extremely lucky to be located in such an incredible city. Good luck on your next adventure Dez!

  7. jackiemc90 says:

    Great post Dez, take every opportunity you get!

  8. Summer Luu says:

    Being a raised Portlander as well, it was a refresher to be back here after the 4 years down in Eugene. Portland has so many neighborhoods, great outdoors activities and the city is sprawled out with bars and breweries. I have completely appreciated Portland more, and I am sure that a lot of us are spoiled with the spectacular food that Portland provides. It’s strange to think of a city with one perception but once you finally start exploring it, you may find out you like it more than you think. Awesome post, Desirae!

  9. i completely agree, we need to not all be caught up in a job. Just enjoy portland and the experiences that we are having. Try to live in the moment more guys, and take a deep breath. We are surrounded by awesome sights and things to do, we need to recognize that this program is an amazing thing on our resume, even if it doesn’t leave to a job.

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