Stop Thinking So Hard!

As interns we find that part of our job is not only to be hard-working but to delve deep into issues with a high level of determination. We are perfectionists in the making.
This can sometimes become the largest source of our frustrations as an intern.

So stop.dont-overthink-it-e1349120376279

Take a breath.

As funny as it may sound, you are thinking too hard.

This fact became apparent in my office as I spent 20 minutes racking my brain trying to match a font on a document.

Naturally, I identified it as a serif font, noticed that it was bolded, noted that it was in all caps, and then began my search. After checking proper line thickness of more than twenty fonts I asked a coworker for his assistance.
His advice was simple, “Stop thinking so hard”.

This took me by complete surprise.  I’m thinking too hard? How could I possibly be thinking too hard?

After testing a few more fonts, we discovered that the font was actually Times New Roman.  (Designer problems, right?)

As we chuckled about this discovery, I thought more about my coworker’s point. In our frustration we had completely overlooked one of most commonly used fonts.

Thinking too hard can make the simplest things painfully complicated.

The simple truth is, if you spend all of your time over-thinking things then you will not only miss details, but you might even miss opportunities.

Ways to Stop Over-thinking

~Brittany Bersin


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My name is Brittany, but you can call me Bee. Creative Strategist. Mastiff mom & scary movie snob. PNW.
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10 Responses to Stop Thinking So Hard!

  1. pdxsx says:

    Good post, Brittany! Very astute discussion about over-complicating the process and how thinking about something too much can make success difficult to achieve!

  2. jackiemc90 says:

    Great post, Brittany! I do the same thing and drive myself crazy. It’s hard to stop once you’ve started, but at least over-thinking things means we’re trying hard right?

  3. lockerobster says:

    Hmmm, I can relate to this haha. It’s good to know we are all going through similar struggles. Your post is great because you can’t hear that it enough–keep it simple! Especially during the creative process, like picking a font, it’s hard to ever pick the “right” answer. Finding the happy medium between hard-working and over-analyzing is one of the toughest parts of accumulating to the workforce.

  4. megmarieshea says:

    Well we all must be crazy then, I do the same thing. Your insight in this post made me also think about gut feelings or intuition. Some advice I have received in my internship is trust yourself and make your own judgement calls. Not everything has to be over-analyzed. Making things simpler can sometimes be the best solution to a complicated problem. Why make things harder than they need to be?

  5. Totally true! I often find I am thinking WAY too hard. Funny thing is, I come back to the idea the next day or after awhile, and find out that the answer was right in front of me. I find I run into this at my internship site at times too. I often tell myself to work on that or just go with the flow, or use the first thing that comes to mind. But, of course I don’t!

  6. I am a classic over-thinker…not only when working but in general. As I get older, I find that I am quicker to slow things down and just take things at face value. Once we get more secure in our careers, I feel like over-thinking will be a lot less of our daily routine.

    Great analysis Brittany!

  7. Nick Smith says:

    Great insight Brittany. I feel like I over complicate things constantly! As interns I think we all tend to think too much. We need to remember that sometimes the simplest answer is the easiest. Keep calm and grind on.

  8. Austin Marie Foster says:

    Great post. I find myself doing the same thing at my internship. Trying to make a invite on photoshop to send out, and being so worried with the spacing that it wastes a half-an-hour more of my time that I could have used to be productive with something else. I think sometimes as interns we want things to be so perfect that we get fixated on the small details, which can waste a lot of our precious time.

  9. Summer Luu says:

    Awesome post, Brittany. I can’t believe there are so many moments where I get worked up just because I’m over thinking the situation or I’m overanalyzing it from too many angles and sometimes the answer is right in front of your face and it’s simple. Or what you need is just to take a step back from the situation, get new experiences and a refresher and come back to it and maybe that will help you process things instead of processing and thinking of everything at once.

  10. andrewsch90 says:

    Awesome job on this blog post! It looks like you have found a common trend amongst the cohort. As we try to make the best impression possible at our internships, we end up overanalyzing and scrutinizing every little detail of our work. I’m just as guilty as any one else of over-thinking an assignment. However, it’s important to trust our instincts and understand that making the occasional mistake is human nature.

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