In the Darkest of Times…

Star Fox 64 is one of my all-time favorite games. Its got lasers, spaceships, anthropomorphic animals flying spaceships shooting lasers — it’s got it all. But besides all the glitz and glamor that excited me when I was 12, it has mind-numbingly cheesy dialogue. Dialogue, which despite my better judgment, I was chuckling to myself last week.

Peppy Hare, as he appears in Star Fox 64 3D.

Peppy Hare, as he appears in Star Fox 64 3D. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Making promotional videos is hard. I would know; it is what I have been doing for the last three weeks. I sift through interviews and seminars, eagerly looking for usable footage. Then I splice in appropriate film clips. And after that comes the intro, outro, and graphics.

Ok, one done — but then I realize that I have to make 3 more, for 3 different products, out of the same material I had just gone through. This is when the dark times come and self doubt ensues. But just when I think all hope is lost, I remember a quotation engrained into me from years of childhood gaming, “Never give up. Trust your instincts!”

What I am trying to say is, work can be stressful and there are times when you will be overwhelmed, so try and find inspiration wherever you can. For me, it was a video game from my childhood that made everything bearable.

I know laughter is not the only way to handle stress at work, but has seemed to work for me. I think many people know how to deal with their stress after work. They go for a run, drink a beer, watch TV, read a book, etc.

But what I want to know is, how do you guys go about dealing with stress when you are at work?

Here is an article with some suggestions.


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10 Responses to In the Darkest of Times…

  1. Nick Smith says:

    Great insight Nick. Don’t doubt yourself! Stress is a natural thing. At work I’ll take a second to get up walk around the office and grab a drink of water to gather myself before I have a full blown stress induced panic attack. That and I listen to music. Keep up the great work Nick!

  2. megmarieshea says:

    I agree with Nick S. Stress is a natural thing. Don’t feel like your the only one. Listening to music or taking a walk is a great way to give yourself a chance to take a step back and relax for a second. I also give myself a little break and watch music videos or bring a magazine. It just helps my brain get a little rest. Also, if your work environment allows it, I go a talk to a fellow co-worker about life not related to work. One of mine loves to talk about her wedding this summer, so I enjoy listening to that. It sounds like you are also having a very interesting experience at your internship. Thanks for keeping us updated on your projects!

  3. I also agree with Nick S. Stress is part of our daily lives and sometimes it can seem hopeless, especially when it comes to editing film. I must admit that your reference to Star Fox 64 made my morning. This is a perfect example of how inspiration can come from the strangest places. Like Meghan I find that work is much easier in tough times when I chat with someone about non-work things. Everyone in my office is extremely friendly and very interested in everyone’s lives outside of the office, making it easy to chat. The ability to chat with my coworkers is one of my favorite things about my job. Talking to my coworkers gives me a moment to remember that work is not my entire life, even though it is a big part. I love my job, but with any job you need a good work-life balance.

  4. Summer Luu says:

    Nick, I completely agree and understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed at work because you have so much on your plate and you want to tackle it all because you just want to–plain and simple. I do agree that Star Fox 64 is a great video game and that you have to allow yourself some entertainment, a breather, or activity outside of solely work to recharge your batteries and come back with new and better ideas on how to tackle the project. Always look up! We only have 5 more weeks of this!

  5. pdxsx says:

    Alcohol helps.


    Loved that game as a kid. But in all seriousness, I remember that quote you added and could use it right now. I think that we’re hitting the mid terms of our internships and its showing with the increasing pile of work that shows up on our desks. Stay the course, prioritize, check things off the list, and arrive at the other side of the tunnel.

  7. I totally agree that stress can hit you at any moment, even when you are working. When I feel stressed, I make a list of everything I have to get done and hunker down and start doing it. This is easier said than done. It takes a lot of self-disapline and encouragement. If your video game words of encouragement help you, go for it! Anything can help. Just remember to say them in your head so your boss doesn’t think you’re a crazy person whispering “Never give up. Trust your instincts.” haha. Great post.

  8. andrewsch90 says:

    Props for referencing a classic video game from one of the best video game systems of all time. Falco was and will always be the man.

    It’s definitely getting to that that point in our internships where the stress is really starting to kick in. Now that we’re accustomed to our offices, we want to make worthwhile contributions. Before digging into a tough assignment, I like to walk around the office or quickly go outside for some fresh air. I’ve also started taking advantage of the ping pong table at my office. I’m not that great, but it’s a nice way to relax.

  9. lockerobster says:

    I love the chain of blog post we have going on between Branden, you and I. Sometime a little insanity and shameless nerdiness can turn any day around. It can be tough exposing our insecurities on a public forums, but it brings us together as a group. Thanks for sharing your challenges and how you find motivation to work through them.

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