We Are Big Kids Now

For the past three weeks, I have experienced many transitions that put me in the category of a “big kid.” In grade school, my friends and I would always role play being older kids. I dreamed of the day I would sit at a desk and have my sticky notes. Well, now that day has come and sometimes I wish I could still “play” being a big kid. The recent AT&T commercials  reminds me that I once had a similar perception and imagination of the world. We shouldn’t forget about our imaginations, even as big kids.

Part of becoming a “big kid” is creating a career/be-yourselfcorporate persona, as Alexandra Levit stated. To be honest, this is kind of a scary concept. But if you think about it, we have been creating this career/corporate persona our whole lives. As we all go through this transition period from students to professionals, we should never forget to be ourselves. Yes, we have all grown up and past our awkward stages, but we are still the same person. Going into a professional setting, especially a brand new place, it is easy to try and be person that you aren’t in order to impress your boss. Even though we have big kid responsibilities, I would still encourage us to be ourselves. That is one thing I have learned at my internship. People want to know about you and the kind of person you are, so be honest with them and yourself. You never know the kinds of things you will have in common with the people you work with.

Meghan Shea

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9 Responses to We Are Big Kids Now

  1. pdxsx says:

    Fantastic post, Megan! What a great way to tie in your course reading with what you are experiencing at your internship! Well done all around.


  2. I think that the hardest part for me is going to be stopping myself from growing up too fast! I’m the same was as you — I just wanted my sticky notes (seriously though, I love sticky notes) and a phone with my own extension. Now that I’m starting to do something career-wise, it’s scaring me too.

    Great post! I look forward to more.

  3. littlebrittanyb says:

    It’s definitely important to be yourself. I think this is something we all lose sight of in a way when we enter any new environment. We get so caught up in absorbing everything around us and trying to blend in that we forget who we are. The idea that we have become the adults that we used to pretend to be (as kids) is both exciting and terrifying. I guess there really is no turning back now.

    Great post! This was a great reminder that we shouldn’t be afraid to be ourselves.

  4. I found your post to be so true! I remember as if it was yesterday watching commercials and pretending I was a corporate professional. You are absolutely right when you say we have been creating our corporate persona our whole life. We are trained to act and portray different skills in different professional and personal settings. Also, I think it is important also that we project some of our individuality. I completely agree that although we mold our corporate personas, it is important to reflect our individuality. People value the fact that a person is different. You can be yourself within your corporate persona. I have gained some of the most treasured friendships and strongest colleagues through experiences like this in the workplace.

    I am a little scared as well, all of a sudden, somewhere, an aspect of a company’s well-being will be put on our shoulders. But, I am excited at the same time.

    Great post, thank you!


  5. jackiemc90 says:

    Great post! I’m am scared about this process too, we have been so excited to graduate and start “real” life, yet now that we are here it’s terrifying. I think for me, moving back home with my parents has been hard also. As much as I LOVE my parents, it almost feels like a step back in the process of growing up.

  6. Nick Smith says:

    Great post Megan! I couldn’t agree with you more. Being a professional and being yourself is not only important to your professional life, it’s important to your sanity. I think knowing that this process is in full swing is part of the battle. Once you know it’s going on you can do your best to keep your inner child alive.

  7. andrewsch90 says:

    I really enjoyed this post, Megan! As we enter the workforce, we need to exude some sense of maturity and sophistication in order to be taken seriously. However, I agree that we should still try to be ourselves. It’s important to establish a sense of comfort with your co-workers and I think the best way to accomplish this is through letting them learn your true personality.

  8. Summer Luu says:

    Megan, great first post! I completely agree (everyone does too, it seems) that its important to keep the big kid in us, even though we’re going through a transitional time in our lives that sometimes pulls us away from the little things in life. At my internship, I am fortunate enough to have the “big kid” at heart kind of people as my co-workers and I wish the same for you and everyone else in PDXSX.

  9. lockerobster says:

    Your post definitely hits home and reflects something we are all working through. It reminds me of other stages of life, like when we entered high school or college: how do we fit in, be successful and be ourselves all at the same time? We are awkward, lost freshman now but we have the rest of our (working) lives to become the cool, knowledgable seniors.

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