Dream Big, PDXSXers!


I’m both honored and intimated to author the last blog post for the Fall 2012 PDXSX cohort. The pressure is on to say something memorable, heartfelt and, above all, meaningful. So here’s what I have to say: don’t forget your dreams.

As cliché as that sounds, I think we all need reminded why we’re doing what we’re doing. For most of us, we’re doing it because we started with a dream to become the next Katie Couric or win a Pulitzer Prize. Maybe it was something that hit closer to home, such as helping others less fortunate than you or making enough money to support your parents when the tables have turned.

Regardless of what your dream is, I think it’s easy to forget why we’ve made the decisions that led us to where we stand now. With the pressure to find a career job straight out of college, we go into panic mode and start looking at options with a sense of urgency, rather than looking at the situation as a whole.

Each decision we make should be a stepping stone toward that ultimate goal. I think it’s also important to note these goals should be fluid and change as we continue discovering what makes our hearts sing. But overall, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

If there’s any piece of advice that has resonated with me the most over the last few months, it would be to remember that nothing is permanent. The decisions we’re making right now don’t have to determine the rest of our lives, but if we make the right ones, we can continue moving forward on the path that leads to our dreams.

All right, I just want to end by saying that your gut is smarter than you are and it’s worth listening to. So when you’re making those career decisions, go with that little voice that says “this is what I truly want to be doing.”

Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors and please stay in touch! Oh, and GO DUCKS!

Ayni Hailicka


About hailayn

2012 University of Oregon graduate (public relations) who's currently teaching English in Istanbul, Turkey.
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3 Responses to Dream Big, PDXSXers!

  1. katshannon says:

    Thanks for a great last post, and your encouraging words Ayni! I agree that the journey is all about and it’s important to remember to listen to your gut and keep doing what makes you happy. So excited for you and your next adventure and hopefully we will all have lots of exciting stories and adventures to share in years to come!

  2. pdxsx says:

    Bravo, Ayni, bravo.

  3. lizazevedo says:

    Ayni, it seems that you have definitely taken your own advice to follow your gut with your decision to teach english in Istanbul. I applaud your courage in taking the risk of going to a different country. Hopefully, I will be following in your footsteps and teaching English in Barcelona soon after you begin.

    Congratulations all PDXSXers! I cannot wait to see where life takes us!

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