Where Do We Go Now?

https://i0.wp.com/careerpivot.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/direction.jpgI’m not going to lie. December is looking to be a challenging month for me. Most people will be thinking about the holiday season and what gifts to buy their family and friends. I get to think about, among other topics, graduating and what I’ll do for a living afterwards.

But wait, I also have to think about what gifts to buy my family. D’oh!

But anyways, like everyone else in the Portland Senior Experience, I’m considering where I want to go with my life post-graduation. Exactly what options I’m considering may be irrelevant to you, but broadly speaking we’re all in the same situation. If we haven’t graduated, we’re close to it.

Some of us are getting jobs or internship extensions. For the rest of us, where do we go now?

If I had a quick fix to this dilemma, I would’ve written a book about it and sold the rights to it for millions. Truthfully, I’m not always sure I have the right answers for myself, let alone others. But wherever I go I know I’ll apply the lessons learned through my internship and the PDXSX.

A lot of these lessons we already know and have discussed. Developing your business persona, communicating in-person, networking and exploring your passions through volunteering are only a few of the skills we’ve learned through the program. Now that we have to apply them to the real world, the most important lesson to remember is that what we have are tools, not magic pills that solve all our problems.

Everything we learned from our internships, our college degrees, our professional networks, etc. are obviously advantageous for anyone to have. But as the majority of college graduates are finding out, no one tool is enough by itself or without the knowledge to use it effectively. In other words, it’s not what we got but what we do with it.

All of us have had an incredible experience this term. It’s time we use it to fulfill our dreams.

Chris McKee

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5 Responses to Where Do We Go Now?

  1. katshannon says:

    I love your last sentence Chris! That’s exactly how we should be leaving this experience. I think everything you mentioned is very true, and hopefully all of the advice, knowledge, guidance and experience we got this term will give us a more secure foundation to stand on starting out in professional careers. Can’t wait to see what all of us do and hear all the new, exciting things everyone will be into!

  2. hailayn says:

    Great post, Chris! I like that you point out that we’re armed with “tools” to make our decisions and start carving our paths. Even though we don’t have all the answers, we at least have the resources and knowledge to guide us toward our dreams. Best of luck to you in making those decisions!

  3. sarahbrown90 says:

    You definitely have a great positive outlook on graduation. We’re all so lucky to have had this experience over these past few months and were able to gain so much more knowledge about the industry from real life experience in addition to our classroom work. But like you said, “it’s not what we got, it’s what we do with it.” You are so dead on. No matter how great you may be, if you don’t push yourself to your full potential you aren’t going to go anywhere. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

  4. lizazevedo says:

    I like the sincerity and candidness of this post. And your message is beautifully stated. We have learned great, valuable things from our internships but it is what we do with the lessons and skills we have learned that really counts. Can’t wait to hear about my fellow PDXSX students excelling on their chosen paths.

  5. eilíseward says:

    Awesome post, Chris! I really like that you brought up the fact that we have gained tools along this experience. I hadn’t thought of our internships that way, and I’m really glad that you brought that to light. We are lucky to have gained such tools, a lot of other college grads haven’t had the awesome experiences we’ve had in the last three months. Best of luck to you in whatever path you choose, can’t wait to hear all about it!

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