Art in the Office

ImageWe made it!

We have all gone through the same process to get into the Portland Senior Experience and we have faced similar difficulties being a student/intern in the professional realm for the past ten weeks.

Congratulations to us!

With that said I didn’t want to make this post about the uncertainty of some of our futures, or tips on how-to write a resume/cover letter I wanted this post to be an inspiration for whatever comes next.

In this post I have included links to DIY projects for your office space. By enhancing the architecture/décor around you it can enhance your productivity and might even spark some creativity.

To give you an idea of what I mean here is a quote from an Environmental and Behavior studies Assistant Professor, Gary T. Moore, to explain the relation of behavior and architecture: “Architecture is the art, which above all others, combines expression, technology, and the satisfaction of human needs. Its purpose is to make places where people feel more human, more alive, more fulfilled. It is, in Vitruvius’ words, the art which combines utilitas, firmitas, and venustas, or human behavior, technology, and beauty.

In another article I found that links productivity and performance with atmosphere the author mentions: “If the workforce is in a creative industry, then displaying art can provide inspiration. This is particularly the case if the art is based on recent successes or products. Again, photography is a wonderfully creative medium for producing original art.

With this in mind I have included DIY projects that can create a sense of individuality in their office space. This site has multiple ideas for your office space that can turn it from drab to fab!

Now, guys, I know what you’re thinking: “How does this apply to me?” Well I haven’t forgotten about you. Here is a project that can enhance your work place and your skills with woodwork!

ImageWhile you might not be able to apply this to every work place I hope it inspires some ideas for some DIY projects and creativity for your next job.

-Chelsea Fung


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  1. lizazevedo says:

    Chelsea, I like that you chose to write about ways to make our future career better through our office decor. I definitely believe that having a bright, inviting office can make you more happy and work less stressful. Thanks for sharing these DIY projects!

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