Farewell to Portland

These things are like floating cities

An Aircraft Carrier

Well I decided that since this is my last blog post of the term, I’ve decided to make it a small reflection on the last four month experience in Portland.

During those months, there have been some things that I have learned and discovered about myself. The other day in class, we were asked to reflect on what we’ve learned. My answer was, “That I wanted to see the world and that I hated the nine-to-five routine of the everyday job.”

I got bored with the nine-to-five routine. I came to my work place everyday trying to do my best at every task assigned to me. I’d work all day. I’d come home and hang out with my brother and help him put food on the table and the little ones to bed. This was my routine for the past 4 months during the work week.

After awhile, I started realizing that I was bored. I started question the topic of life. “Is this really what people are meant to do with there lives?…Work a job, see some friends on the weekend every once in awhile, take vacation once a year to some exotic location in the world and then raise a family?”

I don’t believe so. I want to see the world. So I’m deciding to join the Navy. Why? Well here are some of those reasons.

1. I get paid to go do some crazy stuff no one else is doing all around the world.

2. The Navy literally takes care of everything. All of your medical, dental, and other healthcare is free. You can fly anywhere in the world for free. The Navy gives you a monthly food and housing allowance to help pay for those things. Also every year, your salary is raised to adjust to the rise in the cost of living.

3. I get 30 days of paid vacation every year.

4. After 20 years of service, I can retire and the navy will give me $50,000 annually for me to enjoy my retirement. (I’ll be retiring sometime in my early 40’s).

The Navy isn’t for everyone. However, it is for me.

An Aircraft Carrier
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4 Responses to Farewell to Portland

  1. lizazevedo says:

    Nick, it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into your decision to join the Navy. I am glad you are able to list the benefits of choosing that path because I am assuming that means you have weighed the negatives and positives. Congratulations on knowing what you want to do next; I know many others in this program, like myself, are still confused. I look forward to hearing in the future that you are happy and successful in the Navy.

  2. PDXSX says:

    I wish you the very best on your path, Nick!

  3. This is a good reminder that often the first few jobs we work after college will more likely teach us what we don’t want to be doing instead of what we do. I’m sure you’re relieved to have made a decision that goes better with what you want out of life, and I wish you good luck!

  4. Chelsea Fung says:

    I’m glad you found your calling! Not everyone enjoys the routine and I think it was wise of you to get the college experience and your degree before joining the military. Sounds like you know what you want, congratulations!

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