The End AND The Beginning

The last term of college is something I think anyone would struggle to put into words. It’s the strangest feeling that you are at the end and the beginning at the same time. I am unbelievably excited to take the next step into my life as a professional on a career path. However, I am also sad and a little scared to leave the life and consistency that I have always known with school.


I am coming to the last few weeks of my last term at the University of Oregon and the last few weeks at my internship in downtown Portland. I feel very fortunate to have ended my college career at another internship with an amazing company, working with great people. I have learned so much in my last two months and feel grateful for all the guidance and encouragement I have received.


The Duck -University of Oregon

If I could give any advice to any college student, it would be to have AT LEAST one internship before they graduate. There are invaluable experiences you can attain being an intern, as it allows you to work in the professional realm while recieveing guidance and feedback as you go.
Internships are the best way to get real professional experience and build your professional network. Though my time as an intern is coming to an end, I will always value the knowledge and experience I have had and take that network and confidence with me on my next professional endeavor. An internship in the middle of downtown Portland has been a great transition step as I adjust into the working world.

I would also like to congratulate my fellow PDXSXers for the hard work and dedication we have all shown and shared with each other  I can’t say I have been 100% confident in everything I have done in my life, but I have been fortunate to have great and passionate people among me who keep me driven and excited for what’s next in life. I will always be a Duck, but I’m eager to see where we all waddle to next!

Kat Shannon

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4 Responses to The End AND The Beginning

  1. I agree with your advice to make sure you intern, but in my experience I would encourage people to take on more than one internship, at least three honestly. Internships are a great way to learn what the professional world is like before you have an actual career and get slapped in the face with the reality of it all.

  2. cmckee2 says:

    The more internships the better. Probably the most valuable aspect of interning in my opinion is the connections you develop, not only with your supervisor but with your co-workers and even people outside of your job.

  3. Love this, Kat. I completely agree with all your advice. I don’t know what I would have done without my internship. Even if it’s learning that it’s in a field you no longer care for it’s still time well spent.

  4. lizazevedo says:

    Internships are a fantastic way to find out what you like and dislike about the profession you are considering going into. Plus, they really prep you for having a career and working that 8 hour a day job. I am so glad we were able to intern together. I am proud of the work you have done for Prichard communications and I am so glad of the great connections we have made with our coworkers.

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